Help, where I can study architecture?!


Hello everyone, I'm an italian student and I attend the last year of high school in Italy. I'd like to study Architecture in university, and I'd like to move away from my country, but I don't know where... I don't know any european language except english, so I'd like to know where I may go (over England) to attend architecture's lessons in english :)
Thank you all in advance!

Apr 25, 14 1:31 am

sorry, I don't understand Italian.

Apr 25, 14 11:01 pm

if you happen to find this site and post a question, im sure you can find some schools where you want to study.

no one is going to do your homework for you. 

Apr 25, 14 11:09 pm

Hi everyone;

I  completed my B.Arch(5 Years) course in early 2013 in Hyderabad(INDIA) and i have 1 year experience in architectural heritage conservation firm. I'm planning to do a M.Arch course in Architectural restoration/conservation in Italy. I need help finding a suitable university that offers this course. Please help! 

Thank you.

May 8, 14 2:39 am

An architectural office.

I'd honestly rather train a geek off the street than most architecture graduates.

May 8, 14 4:13 pm

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