should I attend UC Berkeley 2014 Summer school?

I want to apply for MArch in UC Berkeley this year so I during my search I found this in their website:

UC Berkeley has one program this summer for students how wish to apply for masters this year. It's called "[IN]Arch ADV studio". Under program overview in their website, they mentioned "95% of students who attended the program and later applied to graduate school, were admitted".

Since It would cost me 4200$ overall, it's vital for me to find out if this is really going to work. (It seems the last time the had this program was in 2011). 

Does any body have information or previous experience about this program and about the positive effect it might have on getting admission?

Thank you.

Apr 24, 14 7:06 pm

really tho..

buying yourself an admission isn't 100% you know. even though its 95%, it's still on you to work hard and do work.


just attend the program because you want to and learn from it, and put in 200% effort instead of worrying about whether you paying $x.xx will get you into a program.

Apr 25, 14 12:47 am

I think they mean that 95% of [IN]ARCH students who apply to grad schools get in somewhere, but not necessarily UC Berkeley. I attended [IN]ARCH and didn't get into Berkeley, nor did some other classmates who applied.

Apr 25, 14 12:54 pm
Mona Shoghi

@ Batman: 

Of course no one wants to buy their admission and of course every body do their best and work hard! There is no need to mention that!!

If you don't have any information about this particular program, you don't have to leave a comment here! 

Apr 25, 14 9:05 pm

please excuse Arch001, he is having a bad day.

Apr 25, 14 11:04 pm
Mona Shoghi

I have a new question Quan Nyen Tran:

How do you pronounce your name?? :)))))

Apr 26, 14 1:20 am

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