Anyone Interviewed OMA NY before?


I am asked to have an interview for OMA NY at their office next week and  I'd like to know if anyone has ever been in one to share some experience. What to expect and any advice etc.?

Thank you all in advance.

ps. for internship

Apr 22, 14 2:21 pm

Hey, i have been asked the same thing just that for Rotterdam, and I guess it will be at the end of May, so I would apreciate if you share your experience. Thanks. Same here, for internship.

Apr 28, 14 9:52 am

Good luck Razz! I did my interview last week in the NY office and I am still waiting to hear back from them.

So I was talking to two guys and they had my resume and work samples already been printed on their desk. At the beginning, they went through my resume and asked very specific questions about my experience, like the difference between the two schools I went, what have I done in previous internship, how do I like the firms that I worked with etc. Then they asked me to pick one of my favorite project to talk about, after that they picked another. Later on one guy asked me why OMA, and what is the earliest date I am able to work, how long I am available to work. At the very end one guy asked me if I work here what do I like to work on: computer / physical model. After that I told them I actually prefer working in Rotterdam than NY and they told me they will check with Rotterdam office. It last about one hour and half, and we spent most of the time on discussing the two projects, it was pretty much like a studio final review but the overall atmosphere was pretty chill. 

Are you a EU citizen? I head the working permit is tough to get, it usually takes about 2-3 months to get. So I guess that will be a issue for me since they need people immediately. 

Apr 28, 14 9:49 pm

Wait.. do you mean you scheduled your interview at the end of the may? Next month?

Anyway, good luck with your interview, and let me know how it go!

Apr 28, 14 9:53 pm


Yes I am EU citizen so basically I dont need a work permit. The internship is for the Rotterdam office and starts in late september. I have been discussing already about the period and its fine. Now I'm just waiting for the interview and we will see after. Hope it's going to be fine. So as soon as I have any news, I'll let you know.

Apr 30, 14 5:07 am

@arkitex Have you heard back from them yet? I also did an interview with them last week, but haven't got an answer yet. That was my fourth interview for the summer job, and I haven't got any answer from any of the firms that I had interviews. Studio final's done, summer's coming, this is totally nerve-racking. 

May 5, 14 7:40 pm

Not yet Koo. I sent you a email. Check it out : )

May 7, 14 7:56 am

How's the application going? Any luck guys?

May 11, 14 11:50 pm

Still waiting.... You interviewed with them too CoCo?

May 12, 14 12:02 pm

Nope, my interview is next month. I just want to know how long they get back to you. Really don't like the waiting process...
Best of luck to both of you though! Let me know.

May 12, 14 12:29 pm

Im being interviewed at the end of this month or at the begining of next one. Till, then, Im quite nervous :(.

May 12, 14 7:39 pm

Where are you from razz?

May 12, 14 8:22 pm

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