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Hey guys! Hope you had a great easter weekend. I was thinking of taking a month off to travel before I start school in the fall throughout the USA. Does anyone have any recommendations beyond the obvious NYC, Chicago, etc or specific examples such as buildings, public spaces, interiors, sculptures, etc that would be beneficial for a beginning architecture student to visit? Thanks in advance!

Apr 21, 14 3:08 pm

Savannah, GA - beautiful city in the south.

Pittsburgh, PA - beautiful as well.  Check out U Pitts campus - lots of Gothic style buildings I find really beautiful.  Also - just a neat vibe to the city given the background of steel production.

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada (if you can get into Canada) - supposed to be the most historically beautiful city in North America

Alexandria, Virginia / Washington DC - If you come to DC check out 14th street near U-street metro (lots of new construction finishing up).  Also - the DC libraries (shaw library and tenleytown library to name a couple) are worth checking out.  Alexandria has a really nice / historic vibe with a streetcar.  H-street is also about to finish with a street car and can be work checking out.  NoMa (New York Ave) has lots of new residential construction lots of innovative/cool new buildings as well.

Apr 21, 14 3:15 pm

Thanks @grneggandsam! Sounds like a bunch of cool places worth checking out. 

Apr 21, 14 3:24 pm

Depends on what you want to see!

Charleston, SC has some absolutely gorgeous homes.

I second Pittsburgh - neat city.

Boston, MA for sure. Great mix of a variety of styles, public spaces, new and old, etc.

Seattle, WA is pretty great if you want to go to the Pacific Northwest.

Apr 21, 14 4:36 pm

There is only one truly beautiful US city - San Francisco.

Apr 21, 14 10:22 pm

Seattle is great, but not for architecture. We have exactly one really great building, a lot of really boring ones, and a few dozen famous but really awful ones. Vancouver, BC is better for architecture and has the same great natural beauty if you're into that kind of thing.

I know Chicago is obvious, but there's a reason for that. Go to Chicago.

+1 on Charleston and Savannah.

Apr 22, 14 10:52 pm

To extend this interesting thread, could you share some tips/experience on an East Coast (new) architecture trip? Names of buildings, cities, urban experience, nice areas to stay, duration of stay in each place... are all welcomed. There maybe lots of information like this on travel sites but nothing really focuses on  "architectural" stuffs.

Thanks in advance for your share.

Apr 23, 14 2:51 am

There is only one truly beautiful US city - San Francisco.

Jun 28, 14 7:57 am

As per my view Las Angeles is the best.



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Sep 23, 14 5:36 am

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