Got the job and then they changed their minds! Help

I  have an issue hope some can shed some light on it!

I recently got 5 job offers!!

I decided to go with the one that is taking me in the right direction toward my future and accepted the job. I was going to start next week turns out that they decided to change their minds last minute.  I got royally screwed. 

Now, I don't know what to do ? I have declined the other job offers I have gotten knowing that I got this one. I am pretty sure that the other offers I got have found someone by now. 

Now, I just keep applying to jobs and now I am so discouraged.

How can this happened?

Has this happened to anyone else?


Apr 21, 14 12:20 pm

sorry dude.

call your next choice and see if they still have an opening for you.

Tell the company that fucked you, that they fucked you, they should know their erratic actions screwed you over.  Never ceases to amaze me how shitty architects can be sometimes, but in their defense, they probably lost a job that you were going to work on.  At least you didn't start, and get laid off like 2 weeks into the job.

Apr 21, 14 12:48 pm

What reason did those idiots give you? Im hoping that you can still go back to one of the other four offers you got...

Apr 21, 14 5:04 pm

Next time don't decline all other offers at the same time.

Apr 21, 14 8:00 pm

They gave me no reason! But they told me they loved my work and loved that I was so fast on my Autocad test.

I had to decline the other ones because they gave me a deadline of when they needed an answer by. 

The offer that was given to me was the day before I had to reply to my other offers.

Ahgg this sucks so much!!!!!!!!

Apr 21, 14 8:43 pm

did you get offer in writing?

Apr 21, 14 9:56 pm

I have had the same experience.  I had the employee contract signed and ready to hand in when I started on Monday.  They had been insistent on getting me to start right away and pressured me to quit current job and try to talk down the 2 weeks (which I talked down to finishing out the week).  Then that Friday right before starting on Monday, BAM!, no job because "something happened to one of their projects" but they were still interested in me coming on board "eventually".  Another firm's partner had recommended for me to apply there and so he was livid that they would pull out like that because I had only known them because they saw my portfolio and really liked it and wanted to help me out.  It was humiliating to ask for my job back and because I had quit they knew I was looking to move on.  Contact your next top choice and ask if the offer is still on the table and if they ask just say prior plans didn't pan out and that you're really enthusiastic to come work for them.  It eventually worked out for the better for me, I wish you the same luck!         

Apr 21, 14 10:17 pm

if you got an offer, in writing, and you had other offers, in writing, then i'd consult with an attorney.

Apr 21, 14 11:03 pm

at-will employment.  there's probably no claim.  

Apr 22, 14 9:05 pm

I was going to sign in writing on monday to.

I got really screwed.

Thanks guys for the advice!

Apr 23, 14 9:16 am

2nd SeriousQuestion, unless you have a contract, at-will employment allows willy-nilly hiring/firing (it also allows us to quit whenever, though 2 week is standard).

As this seems to happen very often, and often for circumstances beyond a firm's control, any of your other offers should understand.  As others mentioned, make it clear that to the firm that pulled the offer that it is an unprofessional conduct and ask for a clear explanation (if a job stopped, a job stopped; but if it's something more nefarious, well, you should find out).  Be thankful if your former firm brings you back, and having a frank discussion about your future (and do give them 2 weeks or more notice next time, especially if you have important tasks) would probably help.

Apr 23, 14 9:49 am

I was offered a job. Signed contract and job offer. Submitted my documents and quit my current job. They withdrawed the offer leaving me without ends meet. 

Mar 24, 20 8:37 pm

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