any stock photos website for architectural renderings?


i have some images in my harddrive, but i always run short of choices for plants and people... wonder if anyone here has recommendations for good photos stock website?

many thanks in advance

May 7, 10 2:40 am

I don't know of any free stock websites, but the deviantart community has many photographers who provide their photographs free of charge (just check whether or not the artist is willing to do so, they usually say on their page)

some artists specify that they may only be used for non-commercial purposes, but there are a few rare ones who give free reign over their photos.

May 7, 10 11:11 am

check out this thread; lots of great options.

May 7, 10 1:33 pm

great thanks guys! that's what i need^^

May 8, 10 3:44 am
Architectural Renderings

for my architectural renderings I use a lot of images from

Apr 18, 11 6:58 am

I usually go with the following:

Stock Imagery

Cut out people

Textures for materials


Sep 26, 11 1:34 am
strain and are good for free-use jpeg. images but has pre-made .png images for free, and can be used commercially without attribution. They also allow you to submit images to be converted into .png files for free in the contribute area.

May 18, 13 3:42 am

In 16 years of professional archviz, personally, I've found to have some of the best 2D cut-out people / trees / plants etc.

Plus, they also have packs of architectural textures, skies etc.

Lots of free stuff as well :)

Oct 27, 13 11:32 am
The Digital Cast


The Digital Cast is a stock website which deals specifically with the needs of Architects and Illustrators who require good quality images of people for their creative work.


Please visit the site which I hope will be of interest to you.

All images are hi resolution TIFF files, all available for instant purchase and download.

I appreciate that there are a number of sites offering some small selections of images for free, but for the serious practitioner, our photos provide a host of different styles, scenarios and ethnicities which can add real diversity and interest to your crowd scenes, street scenes and interior hero images.


Thanks for taking time to read this.

James Lynch

Oct 6, 14 8:22 am is a website setup by Teodor Javanaud Emdén. He is an architecture student currently doing his masters in Göteborg, Sweden and in Lyon, France. After being frustrated with the availability of high-quality people to insert as scale figures, he decided to photograph his friends and make all of the images FREE. 

Oct 6, 14 2:13 pm

Hi there! has also many free (currently 48) free cut out people images, as well othes suff like plants, skies etc. used in architectural visualization.

Oct 17, 14 10:32 am

here's another awesome source:

Dec 26, 16 9:09 pm
João Oliveira

check this site for cutout trees

Aug 26, 17 4:56 pm

I hope that e-mail in your username
is a throw away ;)

João Oliveira

Ups... it was a mistake. now it´s corrected. Thanks.


Bring your rendering to life with:

Dec 5, 17 9:11 pm

The Google, it is a search engine thing-y

Dec 5, 17 9:16 pm

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