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I have recently been accepted to an M. Arch I program. Coming from a creative (but non-architecture) background, I'd be entering the program with my only experience in the field being a Career Discovery summer program at GSD. Because of this, it's hard to me to say that I 100% want to be an Architect once I am done with the program. I know that I want a design degree but I'm not totally sure what I want to do with it yet. Is it wise to enter a program with this uncertainty? Or do most people figure out where there passion lies while in the program? How broad are my employment options after the program if I decide I don't want to become a traditional architect? 

Apr 12, 14 5:25 pm

Don't.  Make better use of your time.  Save that cash.

I always wonder why do people waste time on things or people they aren't passionate about.

Apr 12, 14 7:06 pm

I liked it enough at the Career Discovery program to take the time to apply to a Master's program. Like I said, I know I want a design education and a degree in Architecture seems like it would give me the most options. Does anyone else have any other perhaps more answers about this or experience with the matter?

Apr 13, 14 2:30 pm

its pretty rare to be working in something you are 100% passionate about right out of college.  you don't even know what the job actually entails yet... you can't possibly make a decision.  and guess what!?  most jobs are boring 80% of the time!!!  and its amazing how the passion is sucked away once you do it for 40 hours a week!!!

just get the damn Harvard education.  it will throw the window wide open as far as your options are concerned.  if you decide architecture is not your thing its still an ivy degree and tells people you're smarter than everyone else and could pretty much do anything, especially in design.

oh... and just make sure you can afford it!

Apr 14, 14 12:00 am

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