internship at MAD or a job at a smaller firm in Beijing



I have been offered an internship at MAD (2000rmb + free lunches!) and an architectural assistant job at a smaller international firm (6000rmb), both in Beijing.

Which one should I go for?

I have just finished B.Arch and have had no experience. MAD will look better on my resume but would a job be better than an internship regardless of how famous a firm is?


Apr 5, 14 9:43 pm

Will they let you sleep and shower at the office? I can't imagine how you'd survive on 6000 rmb/mo. If you're getting paid so little either way, MAD is probably the way to go. After a few months, jump ship and you can probably find a position that pays a living wage.

Apr 5, 14 9:57 pm

2,000rmb???? The fact that you're even considering this is scary. MAD more than likely offered the same position to 20+ other applicants assuming that only 1-2 will take it. 

Apr 6, 14 2:48 am

I'd say it depends on your long-term ambitions? Do you want to stay in China for a longer time or just get your first experience there?

If you want to ultimately end up in the US / Europe MAD's recognition and the high-profile work you'll be involved with will definitely work in your favor. On the other hand if you like the other firm's work more, you should consider sticking with them. It's hard to predict now, but ideally you should work at the place you'll be most proud of, and whose work you can wholeheartedly get behind, as you interview for your next position.

Apr 6, 14 3:04 pm

Do not make your decision based on your present .Look at your future. You should go with the option in which you think that your future is secure.

Apr 7, 14 1:36 am

Hi tome, i just got an offer from MAD too, but they havent mention about the detail of the internship. So did you take that offer from MAD? if yes, could you share some experience while interning there? feel free to give me a message!

Thank you

Jun 4, 14 5:40 am

Agree with OM, in the end it depends on which firm's work you would prefer and wouldn't mind slogging through for the next few months. 

As for the pay, I'm interning in Shanghai on 4K RMB a month. It's hard but sufficient to get by with lots of scrimping. 

Jun 4, 14 12:11 pm

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