I have recently been accepted to the Emtech programme at the AA and I do think the programme and the school schould be definately great. 

still, I am trying to figure if the school its really worthful the super expensive fees and if the level of education really corresponds to the reputation of the school. In fact I cant find a lot of information and opinions from students and people who went there.

any opinions/experiences?

Mar 29, 14 11:57 am

My grandfather, who was a doctor and worked in Siberia at WWII POW camp, was always saying to me that one should never regret paying for two things;

1) Education

2) Books

other than that nothing is worth to pay that much.

and after many years passed I see him being a wise man. He spent his life in a tiny apartment surround by books and journals. He used think that he was a happy man because he had gained the knowledge of life and had became a mastership in his profession.     

If your vision of future tells you that your intellectual capabilities might get benefited by attending AA than it is worth to do!

If you see that your professional skill might grow and evolve into something you desire for and you need to take a risk and do it.

Mar 29, 14 12:24 pm

to have a precise vision of my future could be very interesting.

I like the story and I like the answer. thanks.

Apr 1, 14 4:26 pm

The assumption is that the education is worth whatever AA deigns to charge. I think Gramps might have a problem with that. The law school education bubble is popping already with school closures, laid off professors, and declining enrollments. You think architecture schools are not far behind?

Apr 1, 14 6:36 pm

I wonder the same. I have been admitted to EmTech program, too. I also got admissions from SCI-Arc and Pratt. SCI-Arc is too expensive for me, so I have to pick one, AA School of Architecture (this is also pretty expensive by the way) or Pratt (but I have to be very quick for Pratt). I attended to both of the schools' workshops, they seem the same to me in design logic, but AA has a worldwide reputation that is why it appeals me more, the question is does it really fulfill its reputation?

Apr 2, 14 8:29 am

You need to ask them what the employment outcomes are of their recent class graduates. Be politely blunt, ask what percentage of their graduates are working in the industry and at what salaries. If they give you the old soft shoe or act offended at such a crass question - take a pass.

Apr 2, 14 7:07 pm

Ive also taken up EmTech at AA this year.
i feel the kind of architectural exposure you get at AA cannot be compared easily to other schools.
So did you take up the offer ? or yet to decide ?

Jun 1, 14 3:12 pm

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