I got in. Now I should try to get into other schools. Maybe?


Let me start off with my background:

-4 yrs BS in Arch (pre-professional)

-3 yrs of Internships/Experience

-I applied to Woodbury U. M.Arch (2 yrs program). GOT IN (only program that I applied)

I have not received any information about scholarships, grants, etc but I have a feeling that I will be either getting low or no money at all (scholarships,grants, etc) So I am having second thoughts about assisting there and instead thinking about taking the year off (another one) and apply to schools like UCLA, Cal Poly Pomona, and Berkeley. Hopefully I will get in and will be cheaper plus any financial aid that they award me.


What are your thoughts?



Mar 27, 14 7:37 pm

risky move, but id gamble that.

i definitely would trade in woodbury for UCLA or Berk anyday. 

Woodbury does have that real estate program though if that interest you at all. Jonathan segal teaches the san deigo campus i think.

Mar 27, 14 8:30 pm

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