GSAPP Introduction To Architecture 2014


So is anyone else taking the summer course at Columbia this summer? Any thoughts? Anyone care to share their projects from previous classes? Thanks. :)

Mar 24, 14 4:32 pm

I'll be there! I'm so excited for July to come around!!!

Mar 26, 14 2:45 pm

Awesome! Are you going to be in the afternoon or evening class?

Mar 26, 14 3:11 pm

I will be there too!!! Have you guys decided on accommodation yet? 

Apr 4, 14 10:55 am

I live in Manhattan so I'll just commute...

Apr 5, 14 4:41 pm

Kola945 and TheAIK, I signed up for the afternoon studio! I'm planning to head down to the states for the independence day. I'll leave my email here, in case anyone wants to hang out and look around NYC together before the school starts :) Not my first time in NYC but first time staying more than 2 days.



May 20, 14 11:51 am

Hey all!

I'll also be in the program this summer. I live in Brooklyn so while I won't be spending all of my time on campus, I am looking forward to getting to know everyone. As we near July 7th, would anyone be interested in getting together for a nervous pre-program drink?

Also, what are your backgrounds? I studied liberal arts at Bennington College and have been dabbling in film/comedy/poetry for the past little while. I'm hoping to use this intro to arch summer thing as a confidence and training booster for when I apply to grad school next year. I'm hoping to study landscape architecture, specifically.

can't wait!


May 24, 14 9:33 am

I'm going to be living in Queens as of next week, and I'm in the afternoon studio, I would love to meet up with you all before the program starts!

My undergrad is in Econ and Math from Northeastern University but I started out at Architecture so I have a few intro studios under my belt and a solid grasp on history and a little bit of structures. I was looking at my portfolio and I realized that though I have some developed work, I have not yet touched on organic forms in my projects, so I hope Columbia can give me a good starting point for that so I can integrate that into my projects and get a rocking portfolio together for grad school applications.

Look forward to meeting you guys in person!


May 24, 14 11:05 am

how do you do comedy?


i want to leave gsapp to do comedy.

May 24, 14 4:46 pm

Hey guys!

It'll be great to hang out some time! 

I'm an Urban design and architecture studies major at New York University (4-year, non B-Arch), just finished sophomore year, and I started to freak out because I have no idea how to even begin creating my portfolio for grad school, so I decided to take the gsapp course.

Ahhh! - Super excited!

- Kola

May 25, 14 1:22 pm

^ wasting time and money if youre in there just to learn how to put together a portfolio.  you' have an "architecture studies" major and people would wonder why youre taking an intro to architecture summer program. your time is best spent working for a firm to hone in your practical skills and to really know if architecture is for you. if you want to learn how to do a portfolio go and do a google search. its a dick answer, but im serious. plenty of people post their portfolios on issuu and stuff. 

if you need materials for the portfolio then fin.

May 25, 14 3:05 pm

Dang, I'll be curious to see all the work we'll be doing coming from such varied levels of experiences!

for batman: "Doing" comedy is a joke in and of itself. It's a wild and wacky thing, humor, and I've mostly just devoted a lot of time to ~studying~ its form and its styles, all the while developing my own written material and performance stuff. I would never ever ever want to pursue it as a career thing, but geez is it fun to sit around wise crackin' with a buncha my bozo friends. :)

Really though I did speak to an architecture professor once about the potential affects of comedy/humor on design. He works with "therapeutic landscapes" i.e. hospital gardens etc, and I'm inspired by the notion of bridging a gap between the lightness inherent in comedy and the lightness made felt by architectural environment!

As for registration and all that jimmy jazz right around the corner, anyone struggling to prove your mumps and measles immunization for the hold to be taken off your account?

May 29, 14 9:22 am

If you're looking for comedy in architecture check out this, this, and this.

May 29, 14 10:32 am

batman: You know nothing about my background or my program at NYU, and it is not your place to tell me where and how to use my money or my time. This is not an advice thread, so take yours to someone who asked for it. 

Google search? Ha. 

May 29, 14 1:43 pm

His advice is not wrong. If you're looking for portfolio guidance, browse through the previous years' application threads. When in doubt, stick to the grid and consult graphic design books. It's not like people won't help you on here for free (I just gave you one) if you really need it when the time comes.

You have like two years left before the undergraduate degree is over and honestly, you should just save this program for the summer before applying to graduate school to get your cumulative bearings aligned should you need it then. Doing this sort of short-term intro program so early when you obviously have a certain professional direction and a background in it only wastes money. Unless money just flows out of you (or your family) like water, then none of this matters because adulthood doesn't apply to you.

May 29, 14 5:07 pm

thank you, bugsmeetoo, thank you.

May 29, 14 11:02 pm

And does anyone one know if we have to send any extra information with our MMR records apart from our names? Like our UNI or something? Or do they just know what to do with it?

May 30, 14 8:11 am

Hey People


I'll be doing the Intro to Arch program this summer 2014' as well...


I'm going into my senior year at Pratt Institute as a Construction Management major w/ minor in Architectural Theory and Technology. So i'll be living in BK and commuting to campus for the program this summer. 

One thing i'm trying to decide on currently...

I am working full time this summer for a construction corp. in New jersey  and told them about my commitment to the program for the 5 weeks and am unsure if i should take time off to really focus on it, or if the evening program + work will be doable and equally rewarding. Anyone in the same situation/ debating between evening, and afternoon studios? Any feedback is appreciated... 


Also, I just made a Facebook group titled "Columbia University GSAPP: Introduction to Architecture 2014' "  join !!!



-Evangelos S. Tsivicos

Jun 23, 14 8:06 pm

Hey vtsivikos,

I'm also working this summer, but I got permission to take time off for the program. I feel like it's going to be very time consuming, that's why I chose to do so. But if you're good at multitasking then you could pull it off. I, on the other hand, can't. Hope you figure out what's best, and see you soon!

Jun 24, 14 11:57 am

Is anyone struggling with cubmail? I have yet to receive any emails to my .edu address but I have gotten plenty of error messages....

Counting down the days!

Jul 2, 14 7:49 am

chelseaharian: Try using lionmail,  I don't think cubmail's a link;

Jul 2, 14 8:47 am

Whew, don't know why I hadn't tried that before. Good thing I haven't missed anything of any marginal importance, save for a fitness calendar and a movie screening from weeks ago. Thank you!!!

Jul 2, 14 9:03 am

Haha you're welcome!

Jul 2, 14 9:12 am

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