Prefabricated modular structure


Does any of you know prefabricated modular building system that can be easy assembled, quite sustainable? I need technical data of that and dimensions not just simple description. It's for my interior design thesis, that's why I found  difficult dealing with such a structure.

Thank you

Mar 22, 14 10:12 am

Just like with typical construction, the designer will instruct the contractor what s/he wants. The contractor/builder may suggest some improvements or efficiencies, but that's about it. In other words, you get to make it up as long as it's semi-believable. You are in school after all.

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Hi Domirbd, 

Your question reveals some confusion.  Exactly why do you want to specify a modular or prefabricated system?  Is it to minimize on-site fabrication time?  Is it to minimize material transport?  Is it to provide a kit-of-parts assembly for an unskilled labor force?  What type of site restrictions are there?  Do you want it all to arrive complete?

These are all questions you need to be able to answer as there are few, if any good prefabricated systems that can meet unclear criteria.  Inherently a discussion of any industrialized system requires a knowledge of the logistics of transport and assembly. If you can supply the answers to these questions concisely, then you may be able to find more help in locating systems or precedents that would be helpful.

Oct 27, 15 9:55 am  · 

Jason, this question is over a year old, Mathew007 is just a spam bot that has revived the thread.


Oct 27, 15 12:36 pm  · 

The type of Prefabricated modular structure include steel, wooden, and concrete. The structure process manufacture and decoration in factory and combine each room on site. fast and easily construction, it is a new trend of the building.

Sep 11, 20 10:12 pm  · 
mod walkway

Modular concepts appli cable to current affordable housing stock shortage. But what is the future for these projects?


Check out Kieran Timberlake's celophane house!

Oct 24, 20 11:31 pm  · 
mod walkway


Jan 19, 21 5:47 pm  · 
mod walkway

Interested in modular design contact me. 

Jan 20, 21 6:37 pm  · 

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