European schools degree admitted in US?


I'm planning to study in Europe for Master degree.

But I wonder if there's  any chance to find a job in US after graduation?

I'v been looking forward to cultural, beautiful atmosphere in Europe.

I think the cultivation of environment is much profound and important to an architect.

But I heard some infos from my friends said that finding a job in US is much easier than in Europe.

Therefore, I want to know a general situation about the employment of people holding European degrees in US  .


Thanks for anyone reading this question! 


Mar 17, 14 1:20 am
Can't help you there, but I am also really interested if anyone has any information.
Mar 17, 14 3:37 pm

If you're a non-US national and want to work in the US, go to the US - you need connections to build links to jobs and US schools will reflect the practice.

If you are from USA, go to EU - tuition cheaper, much better toward society.  Many schools free and/or accept US loans.



Mar 17, 14 6:04 pm

You'll have to do your research.  The NAAB regulates the accredited programs and is recognized by NCARB to meet the educational portion.  Part of the NAAB is the Canberra Accord which recognizes other foreign programs.  So things like the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) have reciprocity status... That means the Royal Institute of British Architects is a part of CAA, so a accredited program for that is valid... but I didn't see any other European countries listed... 

Even if not listed, it can be evaluated by NCARB as sufficient.  Best bet is a phone call and finding out for sure if you know what school you are looking at.

Mar 17, 14 7:15 pm

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