GSAPP ($170,000) vs CUNY ($67,000)

Micah Macaulay

I don't understand the Carnegie Mellon reference in comparison to Penn or Columbia. CMU's average tuition is 40k+ as well. If you're being sarcastic, it isn't coming across at all.

Mar 17, 14 11:06 pm

Agreed with m.mac. Also look the percentage of GSAPP alumni teaching at GSAPP in comparison to CMU alumni.. Surely Graduating from GSAPP opens more door. That reference to me is just a joke.

Mar 17, 14 11:23 pm

I'm still interested in hearing a clear, concrete argument why GSAPP is aprox. $130,000 more valuable than CUNY considering that:

1. Both schools share professors.

2. Their proximity makes it easy to attend lectures, meet other students, etc.

3. Both have access to the same NYC architect network, albeit slightly different routes.

Mar 18, 14 12:42 am

If you think it's not worth the extra 130k, and that's what it sounds like, then go to CUNY.

Why did you apply to GSAPP if you didn't know the difference between it and other schools? Surely the price tag isn't coming as a surprise, and if it is, you didn't do your homework at all before applying.

[I personally think the cost of GSAPP is obscene. However, for the right person it could conceivably be worth the cost. But if you're asking these questions at this stage of the process, you're probably not the right person.]

Mar 18, 14 2:11 am

good point, placebeyondthesplines 

Are you a practicing architect in NYC? 

Mar 18, 14 7:39 am

I think to some degree aspiring architects heading off to school believe if they study at a certain institution and/or work for a particular starchitect it guarantees success. I myself am guilty of this. I am not stereotyping every student, but I do believe there is a certain preconceived recipe for success especially in this profession. Ivy league schools open doors, there's no question about it. Most famous architects went to the better schools, but as someone said earlier that was when education costs were much lower several decades ago. I certainly wouldn't want to talk someone out of their dream school, a career in this profession is lifelong, but there is a long life apart from architecture after grad school as well. Live without regrets, but don't get yourself into a life of servitude due to loans.

Mar 18, 14 9:11 am

umm m.mac + rchitecta CMU tuition is 35k plus every student gets an additional 6k scholarship for entering. Making it 29k a year. Sounds cheaper to me.  

Mar 18, 14 11:35 am

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