Thoughts on USC architecture...


I'm really excited to have been accepted for the program with a scholarship but I want to get some feedback and thoughts from the archinect community or alumni of the program. 

Mar 10, 14 11:34 pm

I as well got accepted! Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Mar 11, 14 4:12 am

M.ARCH I?  Did they send you information on the open house?

Mar 11, 14 12:59 pm

No info on the open house, but they did say they would be sending a hard copy/documents in the next few days. Congrats on the scholarship! I didn't hear anything on that, but hoping there's something contained in the hard copy.

Mar 11, 14 2:02 pm

Thanks! I hope do you're about it as well. Even with the scholarship though, USC is pretty expensive: 47K a year! 

Mar 11, 14 2:07 pm

While I'm not complaining, at this point, it's the only school I've been accepted to, and I do believe it's a great school (plus all the amazing connections, which is crucial). Still waiting to hear from Berkeley and UW (Seattle).

Mar 11, 14 2:20 pm

I completely agree, it's a great school. I've only been accepted to USC and UIC up to this point. Waiting on upenn now. Hopefully we'll get more good news! 

Mar 11, 14 2:39 pm

Its a good school, but not worth 47k a year.

Mar 11, 14 3:54 pm

Yeah... but people will say that even about Harvard lol

Mar 11, 14 4:16 pm

when I got accepted last year, i went on a private tour given by one of the staffs there. its a nice building, a lot of space (compare to GSAPP over here), and luckily I got to see some of the M.ARCH present their work and I have to say, their stuff is not up to par with their B.ARCH program. I think some B.ARCH (5th year) students think theyre way better than the M.ARCH students.

Then again, their B.arch program is highly developed than their M.ARCH. I think their M.ARCH program is fairly new (correct me if Im wrong on this one).

However, I did talk with some recent M.arch grads and they loved it. They were all able to find jobs around the area. If you go there, the USC network is quite strong and if LA is the place you want to live and work, then USC is not a bad option. SURE, it's not a highly sought out architecture program, but having gone through this process, and now in an IVY league, it's all what you put into the program. The more you put in, the more you'll get out no matter what school it is (ivy league or not.) .Plus, architecture is so subjective anyways, its all about what you want from an architecture school. So dont be fooled by whats best out there, because whats the best architecture school may not be THE BEST FOR YOU. Every school is different, some are highly into parametrics design (grasshopper, etc) like SCI-ARC, UPENN, etc. USC to me, is not so heavy into digitalization, and more on the corporate side I think. They'll get you working if you can make it out there, which IMO, is a good thing.  A;lso keep in mind, its only two years so you'll save an extra year and cost.  Just go out there and start working because thats where it counts!

anyways, congrats on your admissions again! Los angeles is a great place to study architecture.  good weather, good food, good people, just good all around.

Mar 11, 14 5:44 pm

Hi Logan congrats buddy 

Mar 11, 14 11:16 pm

@batman very well put. I truly believe what you put in is what what you'll get out, whether it be a "good" program or not.

@awesomekeith thanks man! how you doing? Here from any schools?!

Mar 11, 14 11:39 pm


Mar 12, 14 2:42 am

I have been accepted to USC M.AAS + $$$$. Any thoughts on the program?

Mar 14, 15 10:19 am

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