Maya Lin -- One more monument?


Maya Lin has public retired her interest in monuments and memorials (as did her kindred Isamu, before her).  But, perhaps the gravity of the moment might bring her out of that reluctance, just one more time?   Or, at least a call from her to the President might garner the serious consideration I think this deserves:

Perhaps one of you can get this link to her, or maybe follow up on getting it going among others?  I have no skill set in this, beyond suggesting the idea.  There is also a petition, little noticed, that any of you are invited to sign/share:  - thank you, Red



Mar 8, 14 7:47 pm

speaking of Maya Lin and monuments...

did everyone else already know that in 2016 a new visitors’ center will open at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Per the Guardian it "will controversially transform Maya Lin’s masterpiece of mournful sobriety into a full-blown, 35,000-square foot display featuring digital and interactive elements".

doesn't sound promising.

Mar 11, 14 5:55 pm

also just to be clear, the proposal is for an Isamu Noguchi inspired memorial to lynched Americans?

First proposed in 1999, now with a new online petition?

Mar 11, 14 5:57 pm

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