Intel Iris Pro Graphics for 3D modeling


Does anyone have experience with running 3D modeling software- specifically Rhino or Maya- on a laptop with Intel Iris Pro 5200 Graphics? I'm looking at the Macbook Pro 15.4 inch retina and hope to use rhino and maya for moderately heavy 3D modeling, though I wouldn't need to necessarily run many programs at once. I am a student and our school provides  very sufficient workstations, and given that I'm a student I'm trying to keep price down.  Would the Iris Pro work for me or is it really work an nvidia dedicated graphics card?


Mar 8, 14 3:31 pm

Keeping costs down, you could get something like a W530 or Dell Precision for around $1200 now and they come with a top-tier workstation card. I don't particularly like the 5200, mainly because it's a rev.A product and Broadwell this year should improve on it.

Moderate workload, not moderately heavy. Intel's software/drivers are pretty bad at standards and even though Apple works with them, the hardware just doesn't have things like CUDA or great OpenGL/CL/GPU acceleration support for others to incorporate into. Foundation is there but they don't pump enough money to get it working right.

At retail, not worth it; at $1700 refurbished for the dual-graphics model, sure. If I was in your situation, I'd settle on a smaller, lighter machine and pocket the money for other things. 

Mar 8, 14 5:15 pm

 "given that I'm a student I'm trying to keep price down" .... and you're looking at a Mac?

Sorry, sorry back to your question...

GPUs are not the key component for efficient 3d modeling. But, you'll be fine.

I prefer the dedicated cards but the nice thing about integrated graphics is the huge reduction in power consumption, 1/3 that of the previous nvidia generation.


Mar 8, 14 5:26 pm

Found a chart for Maya. Ahead of the HD4600 by 22% and trails a K1000M 101%, the base option for a workstation machine last year.

Mar 8, 14 5:34 pm

Very helpful, thank you all!

Mar 8, 14 10:30 pm

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