ADA doors


If there are multiple doors --into-- a room, do all of them need to be ADA compliant?

I would think not because you only need to provide one accessible route to primary services. 


Note this is an entirely different question from accessible egress, where its quite possible that a room require two doors for egress purposes, and  both of them must be accessible. 

But alas push side clearances are easy in the direction of egress and pull side clearances are harder in the opposite direction, so its quite possible to have a compliant door in one direction only.

So what do you think?

Feb 21, 14 7:14 pm

IBC Chapter 11.

Feb 21, 14 8:06 pm

IBC Chapter 11 is silent on the specific question. 

At best I can infer what I said above. The below section requires --at least-- one route. 

It never explicitly says -every- route must be accessible. 

1104.2 Within a site. 
At least one accessible route shall connect accessible buildings, accessible facilities, accessible elements and accessible spaces that are on the same site. 

Feb 21, 14 8:24 pm
I would make them ADA compliant, especially if occupancy calls for two exits. Plus you really aren't losing much space.
Feb 21, 14 9:05 pm

Right Josh. If it was a slam dunk then I would find the 18". But I'm in a pinch and in a rough space. Thanks for your take on it.

Feb 21, 14 9:47 pm

Edit:  I didn't see the whole question. Shame on me.

Feb 22, 14 2:00 am

eh? Does drewjmcnamara = Janosh?

Well at least we learned one thing here, even if not regarding the op. (sigh)

Feb 22, 14 3:53 am

Funny coincidence, but I was just looking at the same problem.

What I concluded-

How many doors are required for your room?

If the occupant load is less than 50, then only one egress door is required. And, that one door will have to be your accessible means of egress as well, i.e. adhere to ADA clearances, etc.

If the occupant load is 50 or more, then two egress doors are required to exit that space. And, you'll have to check the code as to whether or not both of those doors have to be ADA compliant; or just one accessible means of egress is sufficient.

All other doors are inconsequential as far as the code is concerned and can be treated as any other "normal" door.

Feb 22, 14 11:27 am
Nah, I'm me and only me. The extra space before the clarifying statement about egress threw me for a loop.
Feb 22, 14 2:34 pm

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