Why most famous architects have...


I know that this is a stupid question, but I was wondering why most architects have black hair because look at all pritzker prize winners. All of them used to have black hair. Since, a lot of them are old too, but they were younger. They had black hair. 

Feb 21, 14 11:19 am

You seem to be more concerned with appearance than you are about architecture. I only say this based on your previous "questions". That or you like to troll, I can't decide. 

Feb 21, 14 12:11 pm

black hair is mandatory.  it goes better with the black clothes and unique glasses. 

Feb 21, 14 2:38 pm
If you don't have black hair, forget about being a successful architect. I have to agree with chigurh. Not only does it go better with the black clothing, but I think the hair actually adapts to the clothing as they wear it more and more.
Feb 21, 14 5:30 pm

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