Can Graphic Designers Become Architects?

All Blacks!

I have a BA in Graphic Design but all of my work experience is in architectural drafting and detailing. I'm 33 years old, should I consider a career change? Does anyone have ideas or suggestions?

Nov 10, 09 11:25 pm

Do you know how to build things?

You may have noticed the drab mood around here, the job outlook is honestly pretty fucking bleak. But if you dont mind that, and starting at the bottom, and thankless long hours for little pay, and backward prima donna bosses breathing down your neck for not capturing the grandess of their unintelligible drunken napkin doodle, and nimrod contractors pissing and moaning about doing basic details correctly, and uninspired suburban clients who want the walmart sistine chapel for 4$ a square foot, and an academic environment that violates the geneva convention then yea! you should totally do it!

Nov 10, 09 11:51 pm  · 

anyone can become an architect! graphic design skills can go a long way at school too!!!

But for what it's worth, I'm about to finish the M.Arch and have been seriously considering bailing for graphic design

the grass is always greener (but oe has a good fucking point)

Nov 11, 09 12:16 am  · 

"and an academic environment that violates the geneva convention"


Nov 11, 09 12:52 am  · 
All Blacks!

Thanks for the comnents. Yeah, I can build stuff...scale models and such. I understand what LML is talking about...I started my career designing quaterly publications but the place just wanted a secretary who could produce 'pretty' things with 1000's of font options. I left after six months of that crap. Then, I worked at an engineering firm drafting and detailing with CAD. I got pretty good at AutoDesk products and enjoyed them a lot better than Adobe stuff. Now, I'm in China doing architectural renderings. So, I don't know it's just got me thinking. I don't want to be the old dude among 18 and 19 year olds back in school.

Nov 11, 09 1:20 am  · 

go for it. you say you already know cad, detailing and renderings, so basically you only need to think spatially and be able to develop your own concepts/ideas. have fun...

Nov 11, 09 4:31 am  · 

Become a laywer or doctor and do architecture on the side. You will be very happy.

Nov 11, 09 4:45 am  · 
Joshi Pooja

As per me no... Graphic Designing and Architect are both very different things like east and west.... For each field you should involve yourself lot more and give it time to under stand things... Graphic Design Now lot more easier with tools available for it while Architecture is very difficult these days....

Nov 11, 09 5:31 am  · 

I am another one that left architecture to start a graphic/web/3D creative agency (after a bach and master's in architecture).

I'd strongly consider talking to more architects, both employed and not employed, before you make the jump.

I'd recommend getting a MBA and just learn more about architecture if you enjoy it. Make some money, then build the home you want.

Nov 11, 09 9:13 am  · 

"Become a laywer or doctor and do architecture on the side. You will be very happy. "

No, you will never have time to do any design. I married one...that is the better way to go.

And, I am 38 finishing my MArch after a very succesful career as a web designer and graphic artist. I still plan on doing those things and architecture as well. The nice thing about an architecture degree is you can do anything with opposed to, say, graphic design degree.

Nov 11, 09 10:33 am  · 

I remember there was a middle aged graphic designer in my freshman class in undergrad. He left midway through the second semester without telling anyone why. I wonder what happened to him.

Nov 12, 09 10:39 am  · 

18 and 19 year olds?? Are you thinking that you would go back for an undergrad degree? If you're interested in going back to school, definitely go the MArch route. It's shorter (3 years), you get a more prestigious degree, and you'll be studying with grown-ups. I'd say the average age in my program is 27 or 28, but there are more than a few people over 30.

Nov 12, 09 4:58 pm  · 
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Njohn is right the MArch 4+3 is the career change path for people who already hold a bachelor's degree (unrelated to architecture). I am 33, I started at 30 and will be done at 34. It's all good

Eventhough job opportunities are low, don't ever let people scare you away from your passion. You don't want to find your self 20 years from now working a job you hate. Everyone is unique if architecture didn't or dosent work for them (earlier posters) it does not mean that it won't work for you.

Follow what you believe, and don't worry about age. One of my friends who graduated just this last spring was in his late 40's graduated suma cum laude (valedictorian), and is currently employed working in the field.

Good luck

Nov 14, 09 4:06 am  · 
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I had a BA in Art, with a concentration in graphic design, and I worked as a graphic designer for two years before I decided to go back for a 3 year MArch degree. I just graduated in May. I love architecture, and loved studying architecture - but I have now been "job hunting" for 7 months, not a single call back, not a single interview; and student loan debt which I will be paying until I'm 50. If you want to do it, go ahead, but (please) don't go unless you have scholarships or a trust fund. Once you're out of school, starting salaries for intern architects will be significantly lower than what you're earning now as an experienced graphic designer. Since I graduated from architecture school, I have been "waiting out the recession" by doing freelance graphic design work and have been able to sustain myself on that. It's pretty ironic. If I were to do it again, based on this economy, I would have stuck with graphic design and might have gone back for an MA or MDes or maybe even an MBA.

Nov 15, 09 7:52 am  · 

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