PDF to dwg - recommended convertors/software?


Hello all,

I am looking for a reasonably accurate + reliable pdf to dwg convertor... Anyone have any experience, recommendations...? I have tried using a couple though they have not been accurate (various scaling issues).

Would appreciate any insights.

Nov 9, 09 11:45 am

next to impossible - if the pdf was created through a vector program u can use illustrator and "livetrace" the file. but even still its not the most accurate.

Ive also herd of rastorcad....i dunno much about it though

Nov 10, 09 3:55 pm

rhino imports/exports these file types. not sure about the scale issue though...
as far as live trace in illustrator, there's no need if it's already a vector based pdf--just open it up, ungroup as needed, and edit. raster based would be another issue

Nov 10, 09 4:26 pm

open it in illustrator then export as dwg.

Nov 10, 09 5:42 pm
Sam Apoc


Only works if the pdf still has all of its vector data embedded and isn't derived from a raster image though.


You can try this converter
as there is an option to set the scale of the conversion.

Jan 10, 10 9:17 pm

drop it in rhino and export as a .dwg file. keeps the lines clean and whatnot.

Jan 11, 10 12:20 am

we need to see what you're working with for quality, resolution etc.

Mar 20, 17 9:58 am

Contact the person who made the PDF and ask them for a dwg

Mar 20, 17 10:42 am

I wonder if anyone has had any luck with that. On my end they're either death or too busy (I guess there is no difference between the two :D).

I sometimes get lucky, usually with engineers


Yes ^ask for original dwg, you'll be surprised how very few people use acrobat to make technical drawings :)

Otherwise, import in Rhino if it has layer info and lineweights, if not go illustrator.

Mar 20, 17 1:35 pm

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