touring modernism in LA/SD


Does anyone know if any of the nice mid-century houses / buildings are open for visits? Neutra Lautner Schindler etc etc?
Not so much in LA, but in San Diego / OC?

Am visiting this weekend, and would love to stop by somewhere
There is a remarkable dearth of information about this online.

I appreciate any leads

Oct 22, 09 12:30 pm
Bruce Prescott

Most are still in private ownership. Schindler's own house on Kings Road in LA is a museum run by the Austrian museum MAK; Schindler's Lovell Beach house can be appreciated from outside; Walk around El Pueblo Ribera in La Jolla. Neutra's studio in Silverlake is run by Cal Poly, but I don't know if it's open.

Oct 24, 09 1:00 am

The Neutra VDL house at 2300 Silver Lake Blvd (across from the reservoir) is open every Saturday from 11am to 3pm. More info at

Oct 24, 09 10:26 am

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