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What innovations do you expect in future of architecture?

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Jun 9, 11 7:08 am

virtual insulation! formless, invisible, weightless/massless! 

Jun 9, 11 7:21 am

oh, and 'force-field' flashing that doesn't depend on careful detailing or correct installation! just turn it on!

Jun 9, 11 7:23 am

I'm hopeful for a source of illumination that uses very little energy, doesn't cost much to manufacture, and gives off visually pleasing, flattering light.

Jun 9, 11 8:33 am

Interactive holographic models

Jun 9, 11 10:16 am

increased lending.

Jun 9, 11 11:09 am

A sofa, kegorator and flat-screen TV will be code-required installations in all establishments that sell women's shoes or clothing.


Jun 9, 11 11:21 am

Mobile homes clad in Centria panels with stainless steel brise soliels and unnecessary barrel roofs.

Jun 9, 11 3:44 pm

"Get paid more"

Jun 9, 11 4:12 pm
adl architetto

Real urban nomadism. An analogy would be anarchist couch surfing. To put it in other words, the ability to freely chose whose apartment you want to sleep in tonight, without ever being refused.

Jun 9, 11 11:01 pm

I am not sure, but I suspect it will involve aerogel.

Jun 9, 11 11:22 pm

Architecture that promotes good fortune for its inhabitants, creating problem free societies...

Architecture that is not only in tune with local laws of nature but also in tune with the laws of nature that govern the entire universe...

Jun 10, 11 4:58 am

Fake plastics.  That will be our future, yo!

But seriously, with the impending economic collapse of the world and the fighting that it will cause, probably anything military will be the future of architecture.  Military budgets will be the only ones that don't suffer this century-of-death.  Scavenging will also probably be a big part of the future so for most of us the future will probably be (in a word): slums!  yo!

Jun 10, 11 12:07 pm
won and done williams

Was that a Graduate reference, HandsumCa$h?

Also, I'm not sure what is worse a "century-of-death" or the "cold grip of death"? Perhaps they are one in the same.

Jun 10, 11 12:34 pm
le bossman

why is everyone freaked out all of a sudden?  am i missing something?  a few weeks ago everything seemed to be chugging along in the same mediocre fashion it has for the last 2.5 years, now everyone's talking about another depression.  

what happened?

Jun 10, 11 12:49 pm

the good news just keeps on coming....

Jun 10, 11 1:09 pm

bossman - it's just the deficit hawks - same old same old - except now they've attached the scare of a double-dip to their propaganda noise machine.

anyway - ryan002 - that stuff is awesome - but you can't it wet.

Jun 10, 11 1:55 pm

get it wet.

Jun 10, 11 2:25 pm

Aerogels are already in the market— there's Aspen aerogel blankets [Spaceloft] and Thermablok for thermal bridging applications.'

Also, both are hydrophobic.

Jun 10, 11 4:07 pm

le bossman - jobs happened, China's decline in housing pricing happened, consumer confidence happened, this crap about cutting more gov't happened, 47% of the population thinks we are headed for a Depression, QE2 is ending happened, 70% polled think we need QE3 happened, DOW plumments for 6 weeks happened, housing is already into a double-dip (many expecting double digit declines from here, anticipated recovery to 2006 prices is 2025)


Other than that, all looks dandy!

Jun 10, 11 5:46 pm

3D projection technology.  you can make anything, and it can float in mid-air.  i see it working in things like giant atriums.

Jun 10, 11 11:00 pm
le bossman

out of all the people in this world, for the life of me i can't figure out why bernanke still has a job

Jun 11, 11 1:42 pm

you blame the fed?  Personally, I blame everyone for not focusing on jobs to start with.  Healthcare, FinReg, etc., are all things that should have come after job growth (lagging indicator or not, which is debatable anyway).

QE certainly did a great job of pumping up the stock market and company profits.


Now all this talk about cutting debt as a priority, continuing tax cuts for wealthy (made worse, from a average person's view, by the record corp profits and exec salaries), dismantling healthcare, etc., etc. is certainly adding a ton of uncertainty into the economy and still not talking about job creation.

Worse, if we do need more stimulus, which most economists think is a possibility, we'll have a political chess game, a la the debt ceiling and other pathetic attempts to ruin the economy.


Hopefully this is just a soft patch and we get back to the 3%+ GDP for the year, which still sucks.  Hopefully I can rest then and stop paying attention to this crap!  :-)

Jun 11, 11 2:22 pm
le bossman

i don't just blame the fed, but nothing good has happened in his 4 or 5 years.  honestly i don't have the patience to type out everyone that i blame.  because we are headed for an election year, everything's going to be too political to get anything done anyway.    

Jun 11, 11 4:10 pm

I hear ya, but I think the opposite will happen.  I think that there will be a large push to make something happen, and, I pray, that it gets us moving in a positive direction.




Jun 12, 11 12:09 am
le bossman

i think you are right about that,  but that most of the push will be in getting the $4T budget cuts passed and lifting the debt ceiling, which will probably happen at the last moment in august.  the stock market probably won't see any huge advances until then, which makes most of this year look really dismal.  maybe the price of gas will come down slightly.  the rest of the push to me will be just political showmanship that won't amount to much in terms of substance.




Jun 12, 11 12:46 pm

Most economists seem to still believe we'll hit around the 3% GDP for the year.  Horrible, but a lot better than it looks now.

I am not worried about the debt ceiling, that's just posturing to the absurdity (I have to agree with Trump, the R's are efficiently killing themselves with all this "our way or die" talk, when no one on WS thinks it means shit).


Anyway, I do hope that there is some effective policies put in place.  Jobs are what the next election will be about, one way or the other.  

Jun 12, 11 2:08 pm

Jobs are only created by creating "healthy cities" that create "healthy businesses." No amount of talking or new laws are going to magically change the spatial and economic challenges that large swaths of the U.S. face.

I think the only way you could immediately make hundreds of thousands of jobs an immediate reality is to ban automation and dismantle all of the robots— you know, the same systems and machines who have made more jobs redundant by a factor of 10-20 than outsourcing ever did.

I don't think any business in the U.S. would let you take away their robot slaves. It would be another but more funky civil war in the making— General Electric Confederates versus the Union of Flesh.

Jun 12, 11 2:14 pm

Or SkyNet.  I still have nightmares about that, dammit.

Jun 12, 11 5:16 pm
le bossman

oh, i have wet dreams about skynet.  i would love love love a war with robots.  i've always wanted to be in a war, especially against machines

Jun 12, 11 7:27 pm


Mar 24, 14 6:54 pm

Spam, a moldable substance that lasts forever.  Could it be the perfect building material?

Mar 25, 14 5:14 pm

"I think the only way you could immediately make hundreds of thousands of jobs an immediate reality is to ban automation and dismantle all of the robots— you know, the same systems and machines who have made more jobs redundant by a factor of 10-20 than outsourcing ever did."

I disagree.  What we need is more people to grow some balls and be entrepreneurs.  Raising the employer to employee ratio would do wonders for our economy.  Of course that's a little difficult when you can't get licensed to practice in your industry...  Also, when the gov pays for so many things, its more difficult to break into.


Also, those who have will never give it up willingly.  A land value tax with redistributive checks given to everyone would level the playing field a little.


Imagine - if everything is automated and controlled by individuals the only transfer of wealth is through inheritance and generosity.  No more incomes to tax.  We need transfer of wealth so that incoming generations can gain a foothold.

Mar 25, 14 5:20 pm

If people are comfortable with their economic stability, they will spend as much as they feel comfortable spending.

Mar 25, 14 5:30 pm

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