Why do drawing people get type-casted?


Basically, I am naturally skilled at drawing and every workplace I end up in, asks me to do drawing work, does anyone else experience this? They not only expect you to draw lots but also class you as not having much else to offer. :(


It's a real bane.

Feb 4, 14 12:45 pm
Non Sequitur

and by "drawing" you mean what exactly?

Feb 4, 14 1:01 pm

hand drawing.

Feb 4, 14 1:03 pm
Non Sequitur

Where are you located that still requires/expects such levels of hand-drawing?

Feb 4, 14 1:08 pm

England, the economy here is still slow.

Feb 4, 14 1:16 pm

Ironically, I found the exact opposite at my first job. Since then I have decided to stop pining for the greener grass and simply find joy doing whatever task I am asked to do. If I find that isn't working, I start looking for a new job.

Feb 4, 14 1:22 pm

The short answer is that employers hire you - and pay you - to perform work. They have a natural, and appropriate, desire to deploy you in a manner of highest effectiveness. Your employer obviously holds your hand drawing capabilities in high esteem - that's why they deploy you in this way.

If you feel pigeonholed, perhaps you should demonstrate - either on the job or in your portfolio the next time you look for a job - that you are as capable in other areas of practice as you seem to be in hand drawing.

It might be interesting to put together a credentials package that does not include - or does not emphasize so strongly - your hand drawing capabilities. Go on some job interviews with that credentials package and see how prospective employers react.

Feb 4, 14 1:27 pm
Saint in the City

Been there, Aristotle.

 Right out of college I worked at what seemed like one of the last holdouts still doing physical presentation models.  Great firm, AIA awards, etc.  However, my experience sounds like the 3D version of your story, in that about all I did was model building for almost 2 years.  No brag, I am an expert model builder.  But I had to leave the firm to move forward.

Feb 4, 14 3:17 pm

Good for you Saint in the City, if it's limiting your horizons.

Feb 4, 14 5:52 pm

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