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Hi im new here,so pardon me if there is a close thread like mine here. I'm a bulgarian (probably most of you dont know where that is,its ok) student who wants to study abroad, because i can only spreak english england has to be on my list. Because i want to write schools with architectural sience (engeneering architecture),which is very rare there because of their type of architecture ( more close to design than the actuall architecture) i'd like to ask any of you if there is such a thing there. To be honest i'm trying to get in politechnico di Milano in italy,but last year i didnt have any luck,so now i will apply there again,but i need a back up plan and it looks like England is the only other choice. But i dont want to study that unrealistic architecture that they have,i want to look for an excepcion, so that once i get my bachelor there i can move on to italy. So in other words because the types of architecture are so different i need something as much as close so that i can stand a chance of becoming a at lest normal architect. please help me out :(

Feb 3, 14 10:03 am

Check the Masters in Structure Analysis in the Superior Technical School of Architecture in Madrid (ETSAM)


I think it is what you are loooking for, although it is in Spanish. Anyway you are going to study a lot of formulae and diagrams so I don't think language is a problem . Good program and good professors! But be warned!!! ETSAM is hell!!! It is worth it, though. I would repeat it again.

Feb 5, 14 6:39 pm

You might be interested in this one too:

Masters in Construction and Architectural Technology. 

I think they DO have courses in English... at least some of the titles are in English. Hope it helps!

Feb 5, 14 6:42 pm

Im currently looking for a bachelor in England, not in Spain although the programs are nice, its too far away for me

Apr 15, 14 5:03 am

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