cover letter without no contact name


I wonder what you write If you do not know contact name on cover letter.

- Dear Hiring Manager

- Dear 'name of company' Architects

- Dear 'name of principal'

How do you write?


Jan 25, 14 10:49 pm


Jan 26, 14 10:57 am

When I was looking, I would write "Dear [Name of Firm] Team." That seems safe and also invited or whatever

Jan 26, 14 11:43 am

I always just use "Dear {name of firm}." It has worked pretty well.

Jan 26, 14 1:02 pm

Don't forget to proof for grammar.

Jan 26, 14 1:16 pm

Send it to the Principal of the firm.

Jan 26, 14 1:31 pm

Thanks all.

Dear "name of firm" sounds simple.

Jan 27, 14 5:23 am

"name of firm" does really good work.

Jan 27, 14 11:26 am
vado retro

call them and ask the receptionist who reviews the resumes and address the letter to them. not that hard.

Jan 27, 14 2:14 pm

architects still have receptionists?

Jan 27, 14 2:51 pm
vado retro

yes. unless they are working out of their basement. this is not to disparage the basement dwelling architect. many don't need the trappings or the lease that comes with an office.

Jan 27, 14 3:22 pm

A lot of firms very explicitly state not to call them about employment stuff.

Jan 27, 14 5:44 pm

I agree with vado retro. This is cover letter writing 101. Based on simple statistics, if all the people on this post would apply to the same job, vado and I would have the upper hand, which would be about 20 percent of us having a much better cover letter right from the first line.

We would have called the firm and asked who is handling the hiring for X position.

Get that person's name, address it to them personally, and make a much better impression!

Hope this helps!

cheers -

Nate @

Jan 30, 14 1:11 am

I've read that most HR people prefers to be addressed as "Hiring Manager". 

Jan 31, 14 3:48 am

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