Software for this kind of image?


Does anyone out there know any kind of software that can spit this type of analytical images/diagrams?

Sep 16, 09 12:31 am

It's probably a cocktail of Photoshop and Illustrator with whatever created the original background image. Really I can't even make out what that picture is. What's causing that moire effect? Text? Lines?

Sep 16, 09 9:26 am

what hassehoff said + looks like background is a CFD analysis image. not sure about where the moire' effect comes from but the software you want is a fluid dynamics analysis one: ansys, solidworks or similar. generally expensive and difficult to use :)

Sep 16, 09 10:06 am

We could talk about the moire effect or the cfd analysis image, but is anyone going to state the obvious.
Come on!

Sep 16, 09 12:19 pm

Somebody say it!

Sep 16, 09 12:39 pm

Why don't you say what's on your mind?

Sep 17, 09 2:24 pm
just say it
Sep 17, 09 2:40 pm

i don't whether this image software can help you or not. it is worth trying.  and i think photoshop may have a way of splitting such image as well.

Feb 14, 14 2:25 am


Feb 14, 14 8:11 am

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