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Hey y'all

i am attempting to extract some axonometric views from rhino for an exploded axon diagram.

Is there any way to set the camera at exactly a 45 degree angle so the diagram can be coherent with others at the same angle?

Simply rotating around in perspective is guess-work.


Sep 11, 09 6:35 pm

Can't think of a fancy way... I'd probably just draw the 45 deg. geometry, and then "place camera" once you've established the point you want. (set your camera to paraline too)

Sep 11, 09 6:40 pm
Ross M

! _Select _Pause _SetActiveViewport Top _Rotate 0 30 _SetActiveViewport Right _Shear w0 w0,0,1 -45 _SetActiveViewport Top _Zoom _All _Extents

open your macro editor and put this in - change your angles to suit - I usually change 0 30 to 0 45 for a true axo (not iso).

Sep 11, 09 7:23 pm
Ross M

oh also you need to explode everything and make sure you save a separate copy beforehand. make 2d that baby and open up illustrator - awwwwwww yeah!

Sep 11, 09 7:24 pm


Sep 11, 09 7:37 pm

thanks ross!

Sep 11, 09 8:38 pm

ross nailed it questions like this are also quickly answers at the newsgroups

Sep 13, 09 4:43 am

Uh oh...I tried that neat trick, and my file accidentally got saved with my model sheared permanently! is there a way in which I can reverse this process? I've been playing with the number values in macroeditor, but haven't had any luck! Please help me, rhino whizzes

Sep 14, 09 5:59 pm

incremental saves?

Sep 14, 09 7:58 pm

Why would you shear your work? It is not necessary.

There is a script available called IsoView.rvb Let me know if you are able to find it online...if not I will post it. It creates an isometric view (which is an axonometric by the way - iso is an axon as is trimetric and dimetric )

What IsoView is take a view port that is in planar projection, i.e. top, front, back, etc. and changes it to a perspective view where the camera has been set to the axon view. It works nicely and it does not "shear" your work, so it is non-destructible. Once you have the view port at iso you then select the elements you want and chose make2d...and there you go. Nice Iso/Axon views out of Rhino with no shearing.

Sep 15, 09 8:19 am

Here it is:

load that script on the site and then run it. no shear necessary. that said, it is always nice to know the other ways that people navigate these issues.

Sep 15, 09 9:34 am

Bear in mind that it will not be a true axon. A true axonometric drawing is a 2D drawing and will have all lines to scale. 3d CAD and rhino will forshorten your verticals because the model is tilted in 3D space....

It may not matter if you just looking for diagrams or whatever, but don't try to dimension and measure off of it.

Sep 15, 09 9:37 am
Ross M

I find the shear macro is more long as you save your work first that is.

Sep 16, 09 7:12 am

thanks from Arkansas Ross!

Nov 25, 09 6:09 pm


Dec 18, 10 6:13 pm
Le Courvoisier

There is a script called IsoMatch that works very well and produces a true axon.

Dec 18, 10 7:30 pm

I know its 2 years too late but Ive still tried looking for an undo one on google and none come up so i wrote my own for future people who google this.

! _Select _Pause
_SetActiveViewport Right
_Shear w0 w0,0,1 45
_SetActiveViewport Top
_Rotate 0 -30
_SetActiveViewport Perspective
_Zoom _All _Extents

Oct 3, 12 11:16 pm

Props to this guy

Oct 4, 12 10:46 am

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