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So my birthday is coming up fast, and I was thinking of responding to those that want to give me a gift by requesting architecture books.

Although I took a lot of theory and history courses in school that exposed me to many authors and thinkers, I haven't yet been able to come up with a comprehensive list of books that I can include in my home library. I guess there are too many to choose from :) I was hoping that you can provide a list of books that you think a theoretically-inclined architect MUST own :)


Jan 21, 14 12:18 pm

I'm sure I'll have other contributions I wish to make later, as I enjoy reading and am theoretically-inclined, although not yet an architect. I greatly enjoyed ENCOUNTERS and ENCOUNTERS 2 by Juhani Pallasmaa (whose name I can now spell without looking up!).


Jan 21, 14 12:31 pm

Log is great for au courant essays by practitioners.

And of course there is:

Jan 21, 14 1:05 pm

wow- great! thanks! :)

Jan 21, 14 1:06 pm

only buy archetecton's books if you want to go to yale lol

Jan 22, 14 9:15 am
boy in a well

six books of serlio muthafucka!!!!!!!!!!!

alberti beeyatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you commodious (redacted.)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what kind of art do you like? get art books. a fat twombly hardcover....wittkower on Bernini . . . .theres a new translation of some old Borromini . ... some Portuguese maybe . . hate to pimp for the living...only the dead need our help. get that lebbeus woods book you always wanted (though the drawings are better than the books). Get some Terry Eagleton or some George Steiner. Branch out. Enjoy yourself. Who doesn't like Zizek on Hegel action? Its your birthday fer crissakes. Don't get any new fucking urbanism bullshit. Don't puss out. Don't fall for that metaphysics of presence bullshit! you'll know it when its not there. When you come out your shit is GONE! Fuck it, just get death grips albums.

its all you really need these days.

Jan 22, 14 9:44 am

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