Favorite Expression from Professional Practice

Following Sarah's example, here's one for grownups:

One expression and definition per post please.

Jan 17, 14 10:17 am

Let's slap some dee-zign on it!

Jan 17, 14 10:20 am

The devil is in the details.

Jan 17, 14 11:14 am
I am very disappointing in your design.
Jan 17, 14 11:17 am

Mental masturbation - a design adjudicated as being the product of wheel spinning, poor assimilation of criteria, outright banality, experimentation that didn't fall within the acceptable continuum of current trendy vernacular, and/or incoherent thought

Jan 17, 14 11:33 am

All your designs belong to us.

Jan 17, 14 11:55 am

sneak up behind some while they are cad'ing, and wisper in his ear, "that's unfortanute" and walk away.

Jan 17, 14 11:59 am
Saint in the City

"We're all on the same team"

Jan 17, 14 12:09 pm

the architect is going to put some fur on the toilet seat

Jan 17, 14 12:10 pm

Vinyl siding is a great idea!

Jan 17, 14 12:27 pm
It doesn't fit the character of the neighborhood.
Jan 17, 14 12:34 pm
Saint in the City

"The client's happy, so I'm happy"

Jan 17, 14 12:37 pm
Saint in the City

"What's the minimum thickness for EIFS?"

Jan 17, 14 12:38 pm

Shake and bake.

Pull an old design out of the drawer and reuse it with minimal modification. Also, a design scheme executed very quickly and at the last minute for presentation to a client.

Jan 17, 14 12:38 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Lick and Stick

Jan 17, 14 12:49 pm

Note it as "field dimension". 

Jan 17, 14 1:46 pm

Beat to fit, paint to match. 

Jan 17, 14 1:54 pm

We'll catch it in shops.

Jan 17, 14 2:08 pm

"Hammer to fit, paint to match" is how I learned TINT's phrase.  And this beautifully summarizes most trades' view of the specs.

Jan 17, 14 2:29 pm




...all of them quick exculpatory notations so you can C.Y.A.

Jan 17, 14 2:31 pm

"But is it ADA compliant?"

Jan 17, 14 3:38 pm

another take on "Hammer to fit, paint to match"

"caulk the sh!t out of it" on a window replacement job.

Jan 17, 14 3:39 pm
Saint in the City

"Is there a lunch today?"

(i.e., free lunch and learn)

Jan 17, 14 3:40 pm
Saint in the City

"PLEASE do not tell me we're out of coffee..."

Jan 17, 14 3:48 pm

Ethics.  Ethics is my favorite word from *teaching* Professional Practice.  It led to the best discussions and put a great spin on every discussion.


From my student days, the best ProPrac phrase was "shit flows downhill", referencing plumbing, of course.

Jan 17, 14 4:09 pm

Value engineering - this is a very structured process, in which some people specialize as consultants and it is employed in mega projects, while some architects think it's bargaining over design elements over the conference room table and a cup of coffee.  The latter is cost reduction or "axing" things.  So, the loose use of the term VE is fucking clueless.

Jan 17, 14 4:23 pm
vado retro

Who has  the Robert Stern Houses book?

Jan 17, 14 4:28 pm

"Why do we need that?" -usually uttered by an overpaid designer who doesn't understand construction, codes, budgets and the list goes on

An actual conversation I overheard between a designer and the plebes working on making the design functional (guess which one is the designer):

"It has to be UL listed."
"UL? What's that?"
"Underwriters Laboratoratories."
"Why do we need that?"

Jan 18, 14 12:38 pm

"Manage the client"

Jan 18, 14 1:05 pm

"The multiplier for the job turned out to be ... "

(the fact that it's even brought up is not a good thing, so it's not exactly a favorite, but it is an expression)

Jan 18, 14 2:30 pm

"What's your change order batting percentage?"

Jan 18, 14 8:02 pm

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