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"One does not participate in the destruction of a building by a living colleague." Do you agree? 

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Jan 16, 14 2:25 pm


Jan 16, 14 3:42 pm

Depends on how you define colleague.

If a colleague is someone who you work closely with, you don't destroy what they've done.

However, if a colleague is simply someone in the same profession, I can think of many, many buildings that I would gladly raze.

Jan 16, 14 4:47 pm
Lets face it, DSR is hired to do a job. They should have tried harder, but MOMA prob told them what to do upfront. I blame moma. The building was lovely, not as good as Billie n Todd thought but still nice. Moma is too shortsighted. Maybe folk art wasn't enough of a draw but they could have still used the building, it was an excellent museum.
Jan 17, 14 8:48 am

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