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Just venting a bit here.

Why does it take prometric 4-6 weeks to send test results to state boards? I mean, the moment you walk out of the exam the computer knows if you've passed or failed. So why the long lag time?

So far, I have waited as much as 8 weeks for results and as little as 3 for some. I just wish there was some sort of regularity to the score reporting.

Aug 16, 09 4:58 pm

it's not that simple it really isn't. trust me.

Aug 16, 09 5:18 pm

there are batches, and depending on when you take the exam, it is entirely possible that you could take the exam on the day a batch gets graded, and not see the next batch get graded for another 6 weeks. the areforum has a "hypothetical" calendar that estimates batch grading periods. you want quiker results, find out when the batches get graded and schedule 2 weeks prior to that day.

Aug 16, 09 5:22 pm

Its also possible that the computer spits out a "maybe" and an actual human gets to review it.

They also grade on a curve, and re-adjust more often than you'd think (but they don't say exactly how often that is.) so depending on how many other smart or dumb people you take it with, that can affect your outcome.

Also, I think they do it to remind you how frustrating it is to deal with people who have semi-arbitrary control over your professional lives and get used to it already.

Aug 17, 09 12:30 am

Let me ask a question...

If you were to know at that moment whether you pass or fail, wouldn't it be easier for one to have greater chances of passing the same failed exam if one makes the decision of taking it, let's say, in one week from the day one fails the exam?

I assume information will be fresher in one’s head with greater chances of passing as instead waiting for couple of months and start all over again.

There is a possibility NCARB is scamming everyone and making it difficult for everyone to pass, good incentive to do this is make a little more profit and little more control on how many licensed architects are outhere.

This is my two cents, I might be wrong, you can argue as much why one has to wait, but the fact remain is that this is a computerized exam, one should have the right to know immediately, just as they charge you for the exam the moment you make the appointment, they don’t wait to charge you until the day you know the result., do they?


Aug 17, 09 8:40 am

crow, that's the other part of the equation. included in the questions are sample questions that are not counted towards the p or f.

Aug 17, 09 9:34 am
Young Architect

In the recent update to the ARE in the summer of 2013 they managed to significantly cut down the time give out test scores. I wrote about this is my blog post about ARE Testing Day Advice.

Dec 28, 13 12:08 pm
I took my Structural Systems exam 12/21, received my score back Christmas Day. A friend of mind took CD&S the day before me and got her score back just as quickly. I like this new system so far.
Dec 28, 13 7:33 pm
Young Architect

The scores are also available on the website about 8-12 hours before they send out the email to check the website. 

Feb 3, 14 9:41 am

Man, it's been awhile since I took the exam.  But back then I knew within 3 days for everything but the design vignettes with took about a week.  But I was part of the guinnea pig group when they computerized it.

You could also tell back then whether you were on the cusp or not.  Basically the test was adaptive, so it would ask more questions if it wasn't clear you were landing on one side or the other.  So the multiple choice I knew within a couple days and had a good feel after taking it (based on the length and whether I struggled or not). 

Some of the longer waits are on the design portion; Those are looked at carefully and vetted.  So I'd imagine it takes awhile.  

Since I was the guinnea pig and it was the first trial test, they actually did debrief interviews with us and had a group dedicated to looking at them so they could offer it publically.  As a result, they ended up splitting one of the design vignettes into two, and actually threw out one I took that became the test you take today. As odd as it sounds, I had the option of trying this new computerized exam (limited applicants) OR doing the old by hand design testing.

Feb 3, 14 11:38 am

Boo had to wait 3 weeks to get your results.

Back in my day the exam was offered once a year...and unless you wanted to take 12 years to pass, you took all the sections at the same time, 8 hours a day for 4 straight days, in your first sitting.

Let's say you failed only one section that week.  You waited a year to take it again.  And if you failed it a 2nd waited another year to try again.

And results, I remember waiting 6 months for my results, to the point that I forgot I was waiting for them and almost threw the envelope way assuming it was junk mail, and I was nothing but grateful when they finally arrived.

BTW, please imagine me as a withered 90 year old when reading the above....but that doesn't mean it's all not true!

I also had to walk uphill both ways, through the snow, to get to/from the exam each day.

Feb 3, 14 3:37 pm

lol..lkyntotfc.  I tend to forget that too.  I think though since I was in a bigger city, it was offered twice a year.  I also know they judged you on presentation and aesthetics; not just if you met the bare minimum checklist of the program.  Sloppy line work could cost you a passing grade...  Then again, they could also cut you some slack if you did something that technically exceeded the program but worked nicely with the design intent.  Double edged sword.

Feb 3, 14 6:06 pm

is there a way to get test results from a sat test by monday or tuesday? Trying to keep my job at a school. I wish the journeyman plumbing test was on a computer instead of using a pencil to fill in circles on a piece of paper.  To me this is wrong my answers could be changed or lost.  There needs to be change in your policy.  Why not let me see my test results when I completed your test.  I never see it again and we rely  on word if we passed or failed. please  reply and let me know if I can pay to get my results.  Sincerely Dad  to be without a job  for Christmas. praying for miracle

Nov 19, 19 1:30 am

Mitch I think you're on the wrong site. It sounds like you think you're writing to some entity that sets policies for a test required in your profession. This is a discussion forum for architects - it's in no way involved with creating, administering, or scoring any standardized tests. I would recommend that you contact whichever state or local government required the test, and/or the testing company through which you took the test. Good luck.

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