Cheap textbooks


Knowing how expensive arch education can be, I guessed that a few archinects might know where to get textbook at reasonable reasonable I mean free...well at least not over 90$...ok 100$ would be fine. Does anyone know where I can get good deals.

Aug 4, 09 11:12 am

how about the library?

Aug 4, 09 11:31 am  · 

I recommend this web site for comparision shopping on book purchases, used or new. You can search by ISBN, title, author, etc:

Deal Oz

Aug 4, 09 1:15 pm  · 

I am a huge fan of

Aug 4, 09 1:23 pm  · 

Half is great.

The nice thing about search sites like Deal Oz is that they search multiple used books sites (Half, Amazon Marketplace, Alibris, Abebooks, etc) and give you a comparison of the lowest prices on each site.

Aug 4, 09 2:12 pm  · 
spaceman spiff

saw a quick thing on the news the other day (might have been CNN) about a new web site that offers textbook rentals rather than sales...don't know anything else about it though...

Aug 4, 09 4:12 pm  · 

thanks everyone but all i found interesting pricewise was mostly overseas and every thing else was 5$ and up more expensive then at my school book store

Aug 7, 09 6:19 am  · 

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