Jean Prouve Rack & Pinion Shelves (c.1948)

Philip VS

We are studying  the design and construction process of Jean Prouve's Rack and Pinion shelves. This seems like a relatively simple design but in reality it is not. There are many beautiful and functional details that make it challenging. I have searched the web for precise dimensions of the shelves but I have only found photos. I am working on the drawings now and would appreciate it if anyone could help with the following questions:


1. Exact dimensions and angles of the vertical metal pole

2. How does the wall support bracket work exactly?

3. Is there a Jean Prouve book which explains this particular design?

Since I started studying this piece of furniture it has driven me crazy. It is now a very personal challenge to crack its design code.

I have understood from studying this one piece by Jean Prouve why he is considered one of the very greatest 20th century designers.  


I hope someone can help.

Thank you

This is the link to detailed photos of the shelves:

Jan 9, 14 12:29 am

Have you tried to contact the gallery with the shelf? They should be able to answer your questions, and may be glad to do so. If you navigate to the publications page of the gallery's website, they appear to have been involved with many of the Prouvé publications, so they should be able to tell you which publication(s) discuss/es this design.

Jan 9, 14 2:35 pm
Philip VS

Thank you very much for responding to my SOS. I did try emailing the gallery a few days ago but I have not heard back from them yet.

Probably too busy trying to sell their Euros 70,000 chef-d'oeuvre.

Jan 10, 14 1:37 am

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