What if a building was shaped like a Hot air balloon?


What if a building was shaped like a hot air balloon with floor plates and people moving around within it. Would it be able to stand? Would the vertical load be to much? If not how would one go about doing something like that?

Jan 7, 14 11:23 pm

It would be a very ugly building, and then you would question why the hell anyone would want a hot air balloon building. Reminds me of the time my father wanted a mushroom shaped house. 

On the other hand, I wish I was as high as you are right now, I envy the legalization of mary jane in CO. Sobriety is a bitch.

Jan 8, 14 12:04 am
Non Sequitur

The Quarter-Cask Laphroaig in my filling cabinet will take care of that sobriety thing just fine.

Hot-Air balloon houses are so yesterday. Try shaping your building in the form of a unicycle.

Jan 8, 14 7:58 am

My next house is going to look like a giant tequila bottle and be funded by ad revenue.

Jan 8, 14 10:23 am

mushroom shaped house hot air balloon?

Jan 8, 14 10:32 am

Look up Jules Verne for floating residences: Especially the filmed versions. FIVE WEEKS IN A BALLOON and my favorite MASTER OF THE WORLD w Vincent Price and Chls Brons

Victorian visionaries had many ideas like you suggest. And even into the 1920's there were several schemes , Soviet futurism, expressionist projects. Bucky Fuller designed a famous floating city levitated by its own hot air. Science fiction is full of them. Space stations anyone?

Jan 8, 14 11:48 am

It's more of a lollipop, and it's shitty, but here's BIG's Phoenix observation tower. I love ridiculously optimistic renderings

Jan 8, 14 2:58 pm


Have you ever been in a Hot Air Balloon?   They don't stay up for long because of the fuel needed to keep them afloat.  I think your  thinking more like a helium filled Balloon.  I  helped launch one of them along time ago (1970's)  My brother in-law was designing  hot air balloons at the time.  The two guys going for a ride were fighting before they even got air bound, got caught in a weather front and  ended up crash landing  somewhere close to the gulf of  Mexico.  My understanding they were blaming one another for the crash landing when the Ambulance picked them up and took them to the Hospital.

Jan 8, 14 5:38 pm

he didn't say 'floating' like a hot air balloon, he said 'shaped,' right?

inflatable structures are actually fairly common. 

Feb 28, 14 11:06 am

What if a building was shaped like an enormous metallic poop?


Feb 28, 14 3:09 pm

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