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I’m a graduate from UC Berkeley’s architecture program and am currently calling for submissions for a (not-for-profit) project I am working on, titled “Voices in Architecture.”  The project aims to exhibit the stories of architecture students, graduates, professionals, and academics. As we can all likely attest to, there is an incredible amount of human diversity in the field of architecture that makes it so rich, but a simultaneous universality in its global culture.  This project seeks to exhibit that unique dialectic between difference and similarity, and to gather a group of voices that might otherwise never be heard together.  As designers, there are so many platforms for displaying and publishing our work but so few for showcasing ourselves.

My motive in posting on this forum was to reach out to a diverse new audience. To submit to the project, You can write about anything related to your experience in architecture – an anecdote, a memory, a lesson learned, advice, a project you worked on, etc. The only restrictions are that (1) you must be a student, graduate, professional, or academic in the field of architecture and (2) the submission must be no more than 300 words. The project seeks compelling and well-written pieces that provide new insights into the field. Of course, no violent or offensive content. 

You can read more and submit here:

For now this project is just starting as a website, but hopefully, parts of it may be later adapted as a zine. If you have questions or are interested in being involved with the project in other ways, feel free to comment here or contact me through the website above.

Jan 7, 14 6:54 pm

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