Happy new year to all the college/graduate school applicants!!!


May 2014 brings acceptance letters from our dream schools! (Funding would be nice too!) what is your dream school?

Dec 31, 13 2:07 pm

Indeed.  It's past tense for me.  But I'm rooting for you guys.  Dream school?  Well, it was UVa, but it didn't happen.  Would have been too blueblooded for me anyway.  And I'm still laughing at curt's question posed a long time as to how many a-schools I had been kicked out of.  curt, you're one of a kind.

To all applicants, the best of luck and, come fall, you'll all be in a different space in your lives!  Hopefully, the one you want!

Dec 31, 13 2:45 pm

Thanks for the positivity! I just have to submit my Harvard application--it's complete, but not submitted. Looking forward to having some free time, even if it's only for a few months!

I must say, actually clicking "submit application" has been very anti-climactic. I've put an unbelievable amount of time into my applications, day in day out, fretting over every last detail. So it seems more fitting that upon submitting an application, balloons drop, the lights go down, music comes on and all my friends come in the room dancing. Instead, it's like, oh. Guess I'll make a sandwich now.

Dec 31, 13 10:11 pm

Haha @siesta I totally know how you feel. I submitted mine yesterday and despite feeling extremely liberating, I know the worst was to come. The wait. Now it's time to apply for financial aid and contact all the schools to make sure they got everything.  I still have to submit the USC portfolio and finish applying to UIC haha Got to love last minute! 

Dec 31, 13 10:37 pm
C. Watts

Finished applications last night. I applied to nine total, so I feel like I accomplished quite a lot! What a relief. Time to relax until letters start showing up in late Feb-March.

Not sure if I can call them dream schools, but my top three pics would be UCLA, MIT, or Yale.  Hopefully I make it to at least one, but I refuse to acquire too much debt, so we will see... 

Jan 2, 14 11:46 am

Congrats@c. watts!  Nine is a lot and super expensive so congrats on doing it. I finished mine last night as well and it was so relieving. I applied to 6 schools and was kind over having to tweak the portfolio so many times to cater for each schools requirements. The wait is going to be nerve racking for me through and I doubt I'll be relaxed haha 

As far as my top picks I would say GSD, UPenn, and Yale but like you said, I will end up taking the one that offers me the most money.

Jan 2, 14 12:56 pm

Happy New Year folks..

My dream schools would be

-Catholic University


-Arizona State University

Both of which i got accepted into, just need the funds to cover tuition.

Jan 2, 14 2:49 pm


you found out already??? Congrats! I hope you get some funding! 

Jan 2, 14 3:27 pm
Dj Design

Harvard GSD 

University of Miami School of Architecture

are my dream schools


I hope everyone has a fantastic 2014 year

Jan 2, 14 3:38 pm

Dj design that's awesome I hope you get in with some funding! 

Jan 2, 14 5:00 pm
LOL about anti climactic. Get used to it, it defines every big moment in architecture. I'm not being cynical, just my experience.
Jan 2, 14 9:44 pm

good luck everyone! i was in the same spot as all of you last year and again this year in terms of application... currently an MDesS candidate at the GSD... applying into MLA I AP for dual candidature

Jan 26, 14 4:26 am

Just a reminder to everyone: 

If you're applying to Yale the Financial Aid form is due February 1st - needs to be mailed or faxed

If you're applying to GSD the Financial Aid application is due February 7th and can be completed online. 

I was looking on the gradcafe forum and last year people who applied to CA schools began to be notified around the 15th of FEB (two weeks away!!!) and East Coast late FEB and early MARCH. So close guys!!! Anticipation anxiety! 

Jan 30, 14 1:41 pm


Just out of curiosity, what drove you apply to the dual degree with Landscape Architecture?

Jan 30, 14 1:42 pm


i think for me was definitely missing studio life and MLA seemed perfect for me to pair it with MDesS-ULE... since it's also a professional degree... i already have a BArch and dont really need an MArch

what about you?

Jan 30, 14 1:50 pm

DJ, Miami is a good program. If you get in I can give you the low down on professors.

Jan 30, 14 1:55 pm


I understand now, I was confused as to what the MDesS stood for and I just looked it up. Makes a lot of sense, you'll have a degree on everything once you're done! :P I had a boss at an internship that was a licensed architect, landscape architect and a certified interior designer.  You could do the same!

I have my bachelors in Interior Design and I am applying to the M.arch I now, super stoked!

Jan 30, 14 2:10 pm


nice! well, feel free to contact me so i can meet you when you visit the school!

Jan 30, 14 2:38 pm

I will if I get in!

Feb 1, 14 11:10 pm

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