nyc balcony/building overhang distance?



need a little help with zoning/cantilever issues. working on a residential project in manhattan, and am curious as to what distance you can extend over the lot line starting on the second floor and above (3 feet?). for balconies or entire building massing.

thank you all in advance.

Jun 12, 09 12:00 pm
Chilly Willy

10" over the front property line up to 10% of your street wall area. 0" over the rear and side property lines. I think it is in the building code, not zoning.

Jun 12, 09 6:05 pm
Living in Gin
Jun 12, 09 6:34 pm

you guys hiring? :-)

Jun 14, 09 9:33 pm

BC 2014 3202.2.1.3 Balconies 
Balconies, including railings and supporting brackets, no less than 10 feet above the ground or sidewalk level, may project up to 2 feet 6 inches beyond the street line. 

Jan 9, 19 11:05 am
Non Sequitur

Cool story, but why resurrect this 9+ year old thread?


Over the lot line? Your balconies can extend into your required setbacks but I've never heard about bulk or balconies over the lot line... There is a +/- 6" encroachment exception for street wall articulation for like bay windows. Only building signage and awnings can extend over the lot line and from what i understand this is kind of a grey area in the resolution. 

Jan 9, 19 11:50 am

Zoning and building code sometimes conflict with each other. The administrative code 28-101.4.3 exception - states that encroachments into the public right of way... shall be governed by NYC BC (2014) chapter 32 - which in turn allows to go past the lot line by 2’6” with the lowest portion of a balcony to be above 10 feet from grade. 

Let’s see if my examiner considers the building code or zoning to be the main driver. 

Jan 9, 19 12:43 pm

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