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hi! i'm a senior student of architecture..i badly need any of your help in making or thinking of a good thesis proposals..i want it to be unique but badly need of one should not be totally extra ordinary but possible to should be in populations majority needs now adays...please help me out...tnx..

Jun 11, 09 3:21 am

maybe you could focus on something relevant.

Jun 11, 09 5:40 am

For best thesis preperation if you forward me an advanced payment through my cousin in nigeria, he owns firm of architecture of design. he knows everything about the thesis and how to apply it to you. Merely forward a cash order and design give long distance you'll have.

Jun 11, 09 7:34 am

lol..i have no intention in making my thesis in other country..i just want to have an idea of what kind of thesis is good to put up in our country which can be a big help in our countries dilemma nowadays..

Jun 11, 09 10:42 am
Cherith Cutestory
Jun 11, 09 10:56 am

hey please help me out here...hehehehe...sorry for being a piss in the ass..badly needed all of your HELP!!! Please give me some ideas that can really help me figure what thesis is good to proposed..hehehe

Jun 11, 09 11:03 am
el jeffe

research 3dh.

Jun 11, 09 11:16 am
el jeffe

sorry, 3d-h.

Jun 11, 09 11:17 am
Cherith Cutestory

let's cut to the chase before this gets ugly:


You have come on to this forum and have basically asked for everyone here to do your project for you. You didn't even offer a potential topic you were thinking about, or research or anything. Seriously dude, if you can't even think of a thesis TOPIC how do you plan on doing the project? or presenting it? or making your way through the rest of your life?

I'm actually amazed you've made it this far in school if this thread demonstrates the level of thought and consideration you've put into your projects thus far.

Now, to balance out the previous necessary but none-the-less asshole comments, a good starting point is to look objectively at your previous work and identify the 2-3 big ideas or elements. Make a list and see what similar issues appear in your work. Is there anything you seem to be constantly trying to work towards, or an issue that seems to underscore the work you have been doing? Are there other architects whose works follow a similar path (OMG! research!). This will usually help you to start to frame ideas for a thesis.

Bottom Line: Thesis topics should not start out as "what would be the best thesis ever?" Thesis should be an opportunity for you, as an architect and critical thinker, to investigate in depth a topic in architecture that you find interesting, big or small.

Jun 11, 09 11:27 am

Here's your thesis.

Jun 11, 09 11:39 am

sorry dude...don't be seriously mad at me..just trying to seek for a help...actually i made some research na but it seems not enough for my prof to approve...i was thinking about a project that would be a big help for people who are lived not only in lowland areas but near the sea that always been sunk in floods during calamity change...A FLOATING HOUSE...but my prof says that it's just a small project to put up..but i am planning to make a community with this kind of dwellings..but still no to good for him...but i am so interested to give some solution for this kind of problem that majority of the Philippines population was dwelling for during calamity changes..

Jun 11, 09 11:48 am

what do you say about REHABILITATION CENTER/HOME FOR PHYSICALLY DISABLED SOLDIERS..Since many soldiers has been sacrificing their lives to protect our country for terrorist like abbusayaff..hehehe.. At least, for those soldiers who have no family and no ability to go back to their respective works because of the injuries they get from wars they have home to considered...The problem is how can i make it more broad to make it a good thesis proposals...

Jun 11, 09 12:00 pm
Cherith Cutestory

you are totally missing the point of thesis and what your professor is trying to tell you.

I think what he is getting at is that your project right now is not a thesis, it's just a project. "A floating house for a flood community" is not only obvious it doesn't offer any new insight into architecture. If you presented this to a jury they would say "yeah, and?"

So when your professor says "it's a small project", I don't think he means that just making it bigger will make it better. You need to dig deeper. A thesis needs to answer a question.

Jun 11, 09 12:05 pm

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Jun 11, 09 12:12 pm

no, i think it has new insights...a floating house i am talking about is not just you build it that was already floating but a house that are flow to the rise of the water level...if there is no flood or water then the house was stick to ground like a normal house..the house will only float once the water level was tell you honestly i think this is a big question that should have an answer ASAP.

think of this..every time there was a calamity..who is suffering from the harsh change of weather..what is the first thing that is always been wipe out every time there was a flood..the HOUSE or the home of the people who are no choice but to live in the lowland areas or near the sea..

Do you think it still a small project?? No I think the same with the GK and the other project who are focused in a social housing it is a big help if we can have an answer with this kind of problem...we can't guarantee that we always have a good place for peoples dwelling to put up..As you know. now we are in the middle of the crisis of having a big population that even the others has no place to live or to put their house that they can called their home...

Jun 11, 09 12:29 pm
el jeffe

not sure what you mean by a calamity, but:

if you're solving for a flood, you simply build the house on stilts. much cheaper than a floating structure that can also rest on dry land.

if you're solving for a tsunami, well, floating or not you're screwed unless you're up high in a reinforced concrete structure.

you know, there's a reason why people take their boats out to see when a severe storm is coming. being at the shoreline is the worst location because of the wave breaks.

Jun 11, 09 1:04 pm
el jeffe

out to sea....

Jun 11, 09 1:05 pm

So your house floats - so what?

What is the nature of your house compared to other houses?
What qualities does it possess that represent your design manifesto?

How does your house inform the body of architectural critique?
What are larger ideas that can be inspired by your house?

What sculptural and physical qualities does the house possess so that when you remove the scaffolding of your explanation, it represents the very best you are capable of?

What vocabulary of architectural language inspires you?
What pictures in the glossy mags give you wood?

What can your reaction to those images that inspire you tell you about what you are after in your work?

What thesis can be implied by the images that inspire you?

Jun 12, 09 2:15 pm

yeah your right...those question was already appeared in my mind and still i don't know the answer...until now i am wondering if i have to continue this proposals of mine..maybe i am just a hardheaded to admit that maybe it is not a good idea to be a thesis...that's why i'm still continuing my research..maybe i could get some more good ideas..

ahmmm...what can you say about this other proposals:
-overall transmission tower of existing broadcasting companies
-ice hotel(too complicated and maybe a little impossible)

Jun 13, 09 9:56 am

what the project's program is should be a secondary consideration. the nature of thesis is that the project arises from the exploration - different from how you attack most projects, maybe.

.._. .._ _._. _._ said: A thesis needs to answer a question.

maybe. maybe not.

more important: A thesis needs to ask a question.

a good question will lead to more questions, which will lead to more.

then, you've got something worth exploring.

Jun 13, 09 10:17 am


Jun 13, 09 10:18 am
chatter of clouds

steven ward what the project's program is should be a secondary consideration.

i think this depends on what the nature of the "architecture thesis" within the educational cirriculum, not necessarily a north american one. perhaps, the program is the primary consideration rather than the identification and study of a symptomatic/problematic which the program then subsequently seeks to mitigate. for instance: program (and optionally site) given or chosen -> site identified as first part resolution-> resultant architecture as the final part resolution... as opposed to site given(or chosen) ->problematic identified as first part->program as second->resultant architecture as third.

obviously, program is not a given in soultaker's case though.

soultaker, can you explain what is exactly intended by your school's take on "architecture thesis", what stages you'll have to go through with?

Jun 14, 09 3:03 am

hi!!!it's thesis would be a domestic airport...would someone there send me a website where i can find important details..i just knew few...

Jun 27, 09 8:29 am
Jun 27, 09 9:19 am

Soultaker...come on.
What are you trying to get out of your posts here?

If you already have ideas for a thesis then why are you asking us?

If you chose a domestic airport (not sure what sort of questions you are asking or answering considering every city already has one) then why are you asking us for details? There are thousands of precedents around the world.

Have you not realized that all of the responses so far have been sarcastic, or rude, or angry, or condescending because what you are asking is for an easy path through the design process? There is no way to take a short cut and still do great work in this profession. Perhaps architecture isn't for you?

Jun 27, 09 10:34 am

could i ask for a help too?

Jun 30, 09 10:07 am
cj w.

guys do research first before asking for help
with the internet right now all you have to do is search
im sorry to say but your institution of education is in really bad shape if this is all they teach you

Jul 2, 09 12:25 pm
cj w.

actually just a follow up
i dont want to sound rude, but since you already have something in mind. don't ask anymore. proceed with what you think is suitable for you.

Jul 2, 09 12:26 pm

CJ...why don't you want to sound rude? I think being rude is a perfect reaction to posts like this. Can you imagine this guy actually being in charge of getting a building built someday?

Jul 2, 09 1:50 pm

Hey guys.

I'm currently looking for criticism and developmental ideas on my Thesis topic : Colour and lighting of educational spaces affect the behaviour of students as they grow. (Residential school complex boarding students from grade 1 - 12)

Is it worth taking up as my architectural thesis?

Nov 2, 17 10:33 am

Make it worth taking up, it's your "thesis"


Thank you, I'm currently looking up on research papers on colour psychology and architectural design with school psychology


Good day folks! Would you mind if I'll ask you about my thesis proposal entitled "AGRIPARKTURA: A Proposed Agritourism Recreational Park with the fusion of Aquaponics and Aeroponics Farm" your insights and suggestions would be a a great help to my study. 

Nov 14, 17 10:55 am

Swimming and flying ponics are the best ponics


what do you mean by that?


what do you mean by what do you mean by that?


the aquaponics and aeroponics farm. give me some tips on how to incorporate it on my agri-tourism park


film institute is a good topic for thesis ?

Dec 14, 17 4:25 pm
Non Sequitur

that's not a thesis topic


shower curtain nation. what are they hiding? or are they trying to keep the bathroom dry? go. run with it. it will literally take your thesis advisor's breath away.

Dec 14, 17 9:51 pm

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