Archinect Travels ???


so what's happened to this? I know from personal experience there were (several) more installments. Marlon? hello?

Jun 11, 09 1:04 am

The "official" Archinect Travels thread is here.

And yeah, been anxiously waiting for a long time.

Jun 11, 09 8:59 am

...the hours i could devote to the project dried up in deference to scrambling for work, er, money.

The project is donation-funded. I've avoided suggesting people donate to the site, but like an NPR pledge drive, "your small donations go a long way towards making this project possible." (A special thank you belongs here to Liberty Bell.)

... I've got some donation prizes for the interested, like the hula girl, and empty American Spirit boxes with the state tax stamp of your choice stuffed with travel sketches and other curio goodies...

Panda, I did meet a Don at the Geographic Center of the United States. I was searching for the meaning of centers and not having much luck, and as I was getting into my truck, Don was "driving" up country road C past the monument on his horse and buggy. "you ever ridden a horse and buggy?" No. "Then hop in!" It was the second time i hitchhiked with someone on the trip - the first time was in Chicago and makes for an even better story- but the rest of that story I'll save for the episode on Kansas.

Anyone who visits St. Louis should pay a visit to Douglis Birk (db). He was like my Terrence from the movie "Endless Summer", and was a most memorable and affable guide.

Thanks, and stay tuned! Episode 12 should be wrapping up soon. It's the big fat conclusion to the previous 11 episodes, which is likely a reason why parts of it have required a lot of attention and care.

Jun 11, 09 1:37 pm

Thanks Marlin. and btw, it's Beck (not Birk) -- be sure to get that right in teh credits when you get around to it.

Jun 11, 09 6:25 pm

:) Douglis Beck, the one and only. I spelled the first name spelled correctly?

Jun 11, 09 9:04 pm

Thanks for the update Marlin. I know all too well the current scramble for work, aka, money. As many of our careers are currently "on hold" I completely understand that Archinect Travels shares a similar fate.

Jun 15, 09 8:54 am

Something is in the air....I sniff another episode of Archinect Travels coming soon. Smells like rain, but with a hint of Marlin :o)

Jul 5, 09 2:52 am

me thinks the lady knows something

I will sit patiently waiting to follow up on Marlin's adventure as we tag along couch side. I hope there is a picture of you on the horse - that could be a good seller at auction

Jul 6, 09 12:01 am

I was thinking Marlin ventured further into South Dakota to the Center of the Nation (Castle Rock). I guess it is only the center if you count Alaska and Hawaii. It sounded a bit like the kind of thing you would experience there. You might just come across Harlan Jacobsen riding a horse hearding a few sheep...and he could tell you about the time they launched a minute man missle over the top of his ranch back in the 1960's, just because they could and wanted to know if it would come out of one of those deep ole silos and not tip over.

Jul 6, 09 6:51 pm

(...nice one, snook.)

Jul 7, 09 5:48 pm


All I want for Christmas is the next episode of Archinect Travels.

Dec 9, 09 3:48 pm

agreed aqua

Dec 9, 09 9:20 pm

Archinect Travels is alive!
Episode 12, the finale to Act 1, is now online. GO

Mar 19, 10 8:19 pm

marlin, it is really beautiful.

Mar 19, 10 9:48 pm
liberty bell

Yay! Here I go to open another beer and watch now...

Mar 19, 10 11:02 pm

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