what is experimental architect? is Zumtor and Herzog experimental


in Log 28, Brett Steele is saying that is you are not doing experimental architecture,then you are doing professional architecture, if you are doting professional architecture, your architecture will become a part of service industry.


then i want to know, what is experimental architect? is Zumtor and Herzog experimental

Dec 20, 13 9:37 pm

Sam mockbee 

Dec 20, 13 11:26 pm

In a sense, almost all architecture is experimental because the context of every site is unique.  And by context, I mean all versions; geographical, political, technological, temporal, ecological, esoterical, spherical, financial, comical, et cetrer

When these cheesepopes talk about "experimental architecture" too often they promote the exxperimental at the expense of the architecture.  And one has to wonder if that is evn architecture at all.

Dec 21, 13 10:58 am
Yeah, we shouldn't provide a service to our clients. That would be stupid.
Dec 21, 13 12:31 pm
Let me guess, he's a professor and doesn't really practice living in a prophetical world educational ideology.
Dec 21, 13 1:32 pm

Douglas Darden

Dec 21, 13 10:56 pm
chatter of clouds

We may differentiate an experimental architectural process from an experimental architecture. If the architectural outcome is not intended to be the experiment proper (gauging the pursuant conditions) but is an outcome of an experimental process, then it cannot be called an experimental architecture per se.

Contrarily, for instance,  social housing prototypes proposing or developing new social-spatial relations..these could well be intended as space-time experiments. The design process might, on the other hand, be highly orthodox. 

Dec 22, 13 12:05 am
chatter of clouds

If rem koolhaas were to maintain the experimentality of his interior spaces behind neo-'traditional' exteriors, would his architecture not be still experimental? Keeping in mind that the idea that an exterior is a sufficient-to-expressive expression of the interior is not really the experimental bit. 

Dec 22, 13 12:14 am

experiment 1b (1) : a tentative procedure or policy; esp : one adopted in uncertainty as to whether it will answer the desired purpose or bring about the desired result

experiment 4 : the process or practice of trying or testing

experimental 2 : founded on, derived from, or discovered by experiment

Given the above definitions, Frank Gehry is probably the leading experimental architect of the last 35 years or so.

peter's canon
2008.08.23 15:16

One thing that crossed my mind last night was how, when I see the many studiy models of H&dM...

...and OMA...

...I'm reminded of the many study models produced by Gehry for the Lewis Residence...

I may be stretching it, but...)
Gehry's method of design via innumerable study models [ie, experimentation] seems to have become quite influential.

[The following is an experiment. In the two passages below, the word experimental replaces the original word pliant, and the word experimentation replaces the original word pliancy.]

peter's canon
2008.08.23 21:06

Personally, I like seeing all the study models of various projects by various architects. I like it because it clearly demonstrates just how experimental architectural designing can be. And I seriously consider the notion that it may well be Gehry that best introduced architectonic experimentation to the profession.

Is architectonic experimentation in somewhat sharp contrast to Eisenman's method? Up to a certain point (in time) I'd say yes. And when Eisenman's work started exhibiting some measure of experimentation, that's where I start to see Gehry's influence.


Dec 22, 13 2:05 pm

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