Need help identifying roof construction of a sustainable, autonomous house!


I am trying to draw a construction section of a sustainable, vernacular building in Mexico. I only have photographs to inform my drawings. The trouble I am having is identifying the layers in the rood construction of the building. A photo is attached. The wooden logs serve as supporting beams, but I am not sure whether the layers above are stone or a form of mud. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Dec 13, 13 10:03 am

The log beams are called vigas

The smaller diameter bundles of sticks are called latillas

Above that appears to be a cut stone, probably set in clay mortar which expands and absorbs water as a rudimentary waterproofing.  That probably originally would have had a heavy clay plaster over the top that was renewed annually; now there seems to be a layer of sawn lumber decking which may be a substrate for the not uncommon asphalt/mineral cap sheet.

Dec 13, 13 11:25 am

Interesting.  I would say logs, reeds, mud mortar, stone or baked clay, and more mud mortar (2 layers or mud).  The top layer looks like stone or baked clay  but its hard to tell.   Do you know the region of Mexico?  

Dec 13, 13 11:57 am

Those are very helpful answers, thank you! jla-x, it is in El Fuerte, Sinaloa.

Dec 14, 13 7:29 am

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