motorized shades cost?

Has anyone installed Mechoshades or similar recently who can give me a very rough cost per linear foot?

Dec 12, 13 10:24 am

i might be able to dig this up. but it also might be different for your market than in the rural county for which we just had them installed. 

my experience in general is that mechoshades - and hunter douglas' equivalent - cost about 1% more than the absolutely highest price a client is willing to pay. 

Dec 13, 13 7:13 am

Yep - they were value engineered out of our building during construction, which everyone now agrees was a huge mistake. 

Dec 13, 13 7:57 am

We've had better luck with Qmotion shades which are either battery powered or low voltage (where roller locations are difficult to access).  The line power requirements of Mechoshades are what really drive up the price.

Dec 13, 13 11:32 am

Thanks Janosh. I'll look into it.

Dec 13, 13 11:41 am


You might want to look at Somfy motors as well as they seem to have some versatility.

I have looked at Mechoshade, Draper, Hunter Douglas and Lutron in the recent past for projects and Mechoshade usually is what ends up getting installed.  I think your cost will vary significantly depending upon what you ultimately go with:  motorized shades with line voltage tied to a wall switch, motorized shades with low-voltage tied to photometric sensors in each room (or an area) or something in-between that or even a different option all-together.  Also, whether you are doing dual-roll or single-roll with have an impact as well since you would be doubling-up fabric material and motors.

Unfortunately, the most recent project that I did had a combination of motorized shades and manual shades and I don't have the cost split between the two so I couldn't tell you the breakdown between all the options.  Here is what I had in my most recent project:

Cost:  $45,000 (Chicago, prevailing wage/union prices, material and installation, public bid)

(21) 3'-0"x8'-0"; single-roll, manual

(8) 3'-0"x8'-0"; dual-roll, motorized (to a wall switch)

(3) 3'-6"x7'-0"; single-roll, manual

(2) 4'-0"x17'-9"; single-roll, motorized (to a wall switch)

(10) 3'-0"x3'-0"; dual-roll, motorized (to a wall switch)

(9) 3'-0"x3'-0"; single-roll, manual

I hope that didn't muddy the waters too much for you...

Dec 13, 13 3:55 pm

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