Whats the difference between type and typology?


Im utterly confused when people say things like "different tylologies of office buildings. " is it architects embellishing or is there really a distinction? English is not my first language.

Nov 26, 13 8:34 pm


sounds funny.

Nov 26, 13 8:51 pm  · 
chatter of clouds

hi Koww,

I think sometimes words are used interchangeably. But Ill venture this and others may correct me. Building types could mean categorization according to function (hospital, hotel, school..etc).  but typology would entail the morphological aspect conceived (as a process of historical evolution) to accomodate building types. 

So, for example there is the high rise building+podium building in association with office-retail mixed use (office above, retail lower floors).

for instance, courtyard buildings used for schools due to the resultant interface of controlled and monitored open space needed and the classroom and other internal spaces.

Horizontal factory buildings built to accomodate line production and linear arrangement of spaces to reflect linear overlap of functions..

and so on

Nov 26, 13 8:52 pm  · 

But in all seriousness "logy" means "study of",  so typology is the study of types.

Nov 26, 13 8:54 pm  · 

So they are not the same, and should not be used interchangeably. It can be fuzzy though.


Nov 26, 13 9:09 pm  · 

Everything you need to know can be found here.

Nov 26, 13 11:35 pm  · 

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