Thinking about studying architecture or interior architecture?



I am deciding between interior design and architecture but cannot  really make a decision. I I will be going to community college next semester and they have you pick your major when you enroll in classes. I really love re-doing houses and have thought of various ways that a house, for example, could look in terms of where the rooms are and such. Anyway, what exactly is interior architecture and is it really any different from interior design, or just another name for it? I was also thinking about majoring in architecture, then minoring in interior architecture if that is even possible? Or just major in architecture then later major in interior architecture? Thanks in advance!

Nov 25, 13 8:24 pm

It sounds like you like interior design more, just based on the sequence in which you mention things.  That implies some prioritization.

Architecture has a technical component, and certain buildings, though not homes in particular, really involve a lot of construction and technical issues.  There is math, but it's easy math once you clear one calculus class.  However, if you don't want a lot of technical coursework in your curriculum going through a full college program, I'd suggest interior design, especially if you like finishes, colors, furnishings, fixtures, and interior detailing.

Nov 25, 13 9:37 pm

1) Interior design is decoration. Decorators are at he same level as used car dealers.

2) Interior architecture is interior design.

3) Architecture is a highly underpaid profession, the result of woeful education and too many architects competing for too few clients in a bad economic system.

4) Pick another profession now.

5) Ask me about this again when I'm having a bad day.

Nov 25, 13 9:41 pm

1) Interior design is decoration. Decorators are at he same level as used car dealers.

I tend to find some of them irritating.  Some are ok, though, and they're perkier than most architects to talk to.  Sometimes, they are like realtor types (think Annette Bening on "American Beauty") who have the McJob relative to their husbands, who could be a doctor or an attorney, and they say "fabulous" way more than the average person.  Come to think of it, the guys who do interior design probably do too.

Eh, somebody has to do ID.  If you like it, OP, then go for it.

Nov 25, 13 9:57 pm

^disagree, interior design is not decorating.  just remember that architects can do interiors but interior designers can't do architecture.

Nov 26, 13 8:16 pm

ID = Industrial Design

Nov 26, 13 8:32 pm

True that.  They've got an acronym of their own, though.  And I'm talking acronym, and not monikers such as "interior desacrator" for interior designers or "shrubber" for landscape architects.

Nov 26, 13 8:35 pm

It's 'inferior' decorator. 

Nov 26, 13 8:50 pm

if you move a stair (on only one floor), you might be an interior designer.

if you move a column because it doesn't work with your furniture layout, you might be an interior designer.

Nov 26, 13 11:19 pm
Abigail Becky

In my option, you like the interior design. 

Nov 27, 13 2:39 am
Non Sequitur

If you put bookcases in front of windows, you might be an interior designer.

Nov 27, 13 8:13 am

If the bathroom door hits the toilet, you might be an interior designer.

Nov 27, 13 9:18 am
Non Sequitur

Miles, alternatively, if you can park 3 trucks and a boat in your bathroom, you might also be an interior designer.

Nov 27, 13 9:31 am

Many many moons ago, when a million dollars was considered great wealth, my father tasked me with designing the master bath in a 7,000 sq.ft. oceanfront house. The space allotted for this purpose was close to 1,000 sq.ft. The house I lived in at the time was 648 sq.ft.

I'm not sure about 3 trucks and a boat, but you could almost fit my entire house in there twice. 

Nov 27, 13 9:54 am

This poor chick or dude from the OP has not resurfaced.

OP, we are joking ... at least some of these people are.

If you want to be an interior designer, you should.  My rule of thumb is "whatever keeps you awake for 8+ hours during the day," whether it's thoracic surgery, picking up garbage cans, teaching kids with their noses running, or waiting on people in a restaurant.

If you choose to be an interior designer, just don't be of the douche bag (d.b.) variety, and being a d.b. is used for both males and females, as you know ... at least in the U.S.

Nov 27, 13 4:10 pm

I forgot to check back on this post...oops! But I just don't know. I loved making buildings with legos when I was a kid and if I still had legos I would still love it. But I also love to redo houses (as my parents always bought fixer uppers and I always had part in it). I was thinking of getting my associates in business, because the credits transfer more easily, bachelors in interior design, and masters in architecture? does that sound like I'm doing too much?

It's just that both professions seem so inspiring and are something that I would love to do! But all I have is time to figure it out!

p.s. I'm a girl! and thanks for all the feedback!

Nov 28, 13 1:04 am

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving, young lady.

I thought all our sarcasm scared you off.  But here you are.

That is a good plan, actually.  However, if you opt for  an A.A. or A.S. in business, you will not have the foundation courses for a B.A or B.S. in Interior Design.  Those start with some basic intro courses in that curriculum in freshman or sophomore year, so you will be taking them while in the community college (level).  Make sure that you have identified a good interior design school you want to transfer to.  I do not know the rankings or reputations of interior design schools.  Ideally, your c.c. will have also a well delineated articulation/transfer set up with universities offering interior design so that it's mapped out and you can pick up the early classes in the sequence, because you just can't go over there with an A.A. or A.S. in business and expect to finish in 2 years.  You will need to slot in some fundamentals of interior design courses in your A.A. or A.S. program.

If you do complete interior design as a full-fledged degree, you should work in that field, for at least a while, before considering a master's.  It will make the master's more relevant and you will be more easily absorbed into the workforce after finishing one.  With an interior design degree, AND a good portfolio, you are a viable candidate for a M.Arch., as some of us here have done with unrelated degrees.

If you have this goal, and it's not a cakewalk, you should slot in a calculus course (typically required in business) and physics (1 or 2 sems.) before applying to the M.Arch.  With the physics, since it's more technical, you can do this in summer sessions, without other courses weighing you down, or you can do it at night at a c.c. while working in interior design after finishing that program.

Good luck.

Nov 28, 13 12:19 pm

I will suggest Interior Architecture is a good choice for you and its more demanding. Benefit is that you can gain more profits through this field and can also become an entrepreneur in future.  

Dec 2, 13 1:51 am

I think what I'm going to do, since I would need lower division courses for architecture or interior design, is get an associate's in architecture. (The community college is closer to where I live  than for interior design and requires less credits). Architecture classes do teach a little bit of interior design, am I correct? If so, then I will see if I like it or not and if I do not, then I will go for interior design. I just want a career where I can express my creativity and it is not repetitive work. But I know that there will always be some repetitiveness in every career.

Dec 3, 13 12:19 am
Non Sequitur

architecture supersedes interior design.

Dec 3, 13 7:40 am

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