Ice Lab: New Architecture and Science in Antarctica

There's a traveling exhibit in the UK on the architecture of Antarctic research stations. Halley VI, by Hugh Broughton and AECom, is maybe my favorite building of the decade, it's included here along with Davd Garcia / MAP's proposal to excavate research space under the snow, and several other built and unbuilt projects. UK Archinectors, go see this and report back!

Nov 18, 13 3:31 pm

That's beautiful. I suppose building out in Antarctica, you'll be aiming for functionality more than anything. Its not like you'll have an audience of people seeing it from afar.

Also, my first thought when I saw it.. STAR WARS AT-AT WALKER BABIES.

Nov 18, 13 4:53 pm  · 
Have a link to any of the work?
Nov 18, 13 5:06 pm  · 

Oh, of course, how could I forget that?

Nov 18, 13 7:07 pm  · 
Thanks Fred!
Nov 18, 13 7:26 pm  · 

yeah i would love to get a news/post/review from someone who attends...

Nov 20, 13 4:00 pm  · 

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