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i am l hoping folks can help me identify a building of which i took some photos last March; a couple photos are attached here.  i am guessing it is within walking distance of Times Square, as i have another photo taken at 47th and Broadway eight minutes before i took these; there is a possibility it was a subway ride away, so it could be near Battery Park as well.  

That said, i have mapped these neighborhoods in a couple different mapping sites, and find similar buildings, but not this specific building, as best i can tell.  this building seems to be somewhat unique and best identified by the notched windows alternating from one floor to the next, which makes the corners of the building oscillate somewhat, rather than being a straight vertical edge.

I hope that all makes sense; thanks very much if you have read this far, and for any information or hints folks may have; thank you!

ed hewitt

Nov 12, 13 8:44 am

found it using emporis - all set, thanks for allowing the post.

Nov 12, 13 9:47 am

Let me know what you find, because I'll go look at it the next time in NYC ... whenever that will be.  I actually like it.  I don't know why, so I'll pass on the half-ass architectural review.

Nov 12, 13 11:31 am

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