HELP with art emphasized M.Arch programs


I'm currently a senior in the BS Architecture program at the University of Minnesota and will soon be applying to M. Arch programs. I'm struggling to decide on which schools to apply to, even after extensive research on this forum. 

My undergraduate program is quite conceptual, emphasizing hand modeling, sketching and drawing in studio. I enjoy these aspects, and would like to attend an arts-based grad school.

Some schools I'm considering are:

  • RISD
  • Cranbrook
  • Pratt
  • SCAD
  • Columbia
  • Harvard
  • Yale
  • Berkeley
  • U. Washington

I need to narrow down my list and I'm not really interested in parametric design, so some of these might not be a good fit for me (SCI ARC, Pratt etc.) and I'd also like to look at more safety schools/ not on the Ivy level.


Any advice would be much appreciated! 

Nov 7, 13 7:09 pm

none, there are no jobs left

Nov 7, 13 7:27 pm

bump it up 

Nov 12, 13 9:34 pm

As applies above... nothing has changed in a week... I waited nearly a decade for it to change... guess what, it never did.

Nov 12, 13 10:27 pm

If there was no substance behind my profanely stupid remark someone would have commented by now, but guesss what... No will argue that architecture needs a LOT of help right now.

Fire away boyz!

Nov 13, 13 12:47 am

My best advise is "Quote" Don't touch it if you havent yet, and if you do run like HELL"Quote".

General MacArthur may have said something similar in WW2.

Nov 13, 13 12:51 am

I almost hate to break up DeTwan's flood of negativity....

... however, I wanted to point out that Cranbrook is not an accredited program.

Nov 13, 13 2:18 am

risd sounds like a good fit.. very open ended with no restrictions/focus on any particular medium. pratt tends to produce a lot of work that looks more along one grain, so if the work looks like something you might be interested in producing, then it's a good fit. if you want more freedom, go for risd. not as familiar with the other schools.

Nov 22, 13 3:27 pm

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