Good restaurant case studies


I need a couple good case study restaurants for my current studio project.

Can any of you point me to some that are published or noteworthy?

I realized they are few and far between. I don't believe any of the classics have design a restaurant...the only one I can think of is Paul Rudolph's Donut Stand which was never realized.

I appreciate any help!

Nov 4, 13 7:31 pm
I enjoy FORS architecture from Tucson Az. Small firm but great designs. I particularly like The HUB
Nov 4, 13 8:36 pm

What kind of restaurant are you designing for a thesis?

I would look up the food and drink trade magazines and there are several published in Architectural Record. If you live near a major city you should take a tasty tour and talk to the restaurant owners to get a tour front and back of house you will be amazed where the money goes in this kind of work.


The thing about restaurants is they are so adaptable it is hard to codify them, some may have vast kitchens and back of house operations others have a basic menu and a tiny closet of a kitchen.  Kitchen design is the ultimate form follows function in architecture today. Three too many steps (walking) in preparing a meal can cut into the turnover rate and cut profits.

I suggest identifying a menu and then seeking out what kind of kitchen is needed to support that menu. The best restaurants always start with a menu or a concept of a menu. You need to know what kind of equipment and size of kitchen you need before you design the front of house spaces.

Nov 5, 13 1:46 pm
won and done williams

Anything by the modern masters, of course, Louis Armet and Eldon Davis.

Nov 5, 13 2:49 pm

Nov 5, 13 2:58 pm
won and done williams

Equally of note:

Philip Johnson's Four Seasons

If you want to get contemporary:

Diller and Scofidio's Brasserie

Anything by Philippe Starke

Anything by Jacques Garcia

Countless other great interior designers, too many to name.

Nov 5, 13 2:59 pm

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