Where to buy a good PC?


I am tired of using Bootcamp on a MacBook Pro. I need a PC that can handle Revit and some Vray modeling in 3DS Max. I haven't bought a PC in, like, 15 years. I use them all day long at work but I need one at home now. Where can I get a good deal on one and what should I look for? I know everything about buying Macs and almost nothing about current PCs. Any help is appreciated.

Nov 3, 13 10:52 pm

I find that building your own is an amazing way to get the biggest bag for your buck. Go to

I built a super pc for $2500.

Here are the specs:

- 32gb ram

- 1 intel i7 3960x hex core processor at 3.8ghz per core

- 1 nvidia graphics card

-1 sabertooth motherboard (windows 8 compatible)

- 2x500gb storage drives

- 1 320gb operating system drive

- windows 7 ultimate

- kaspersky lab antivirus

Nov 3, 13 11:57 pm
Visit your local microcenter if you're lucky enough to live near one. Otherwise I second building your own. It's always cheaper, you'll learn valuable tech troubleshooting and you'll get a PC built for exactly what you need.

If you don't want to build your own there are online shops that can build them for you, ibuypower has been doing it for a long time.

If you want to take all of the tech decisions out of it and you just want something that works generally your gaming brands will work well for architectural applications.
Nov 4, 13 7:51 am

^ Agreed, build your own. Very easy, good value. Plenty of guides online like Tom's Hardware and Tech Report. I prefer Newegg but Tiger Direct isn't bad. I buy monitors straight from DELL. Sometimes you can pick up one in the outlet for a good price.

Nov 4, 13 8:41 am

I built mine from craiglist for only $600.

16 gigs of RAM

i7 processor

NVIDIA GeForce 660TI Graphics card

Windows 7

gigabyte motherboard


Renders like iike a madman!

Nov 5, 13 12:43 pm

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